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An excellent article that clearly explains how the UK Government and its science advisers turned their backs on all available data about the Covid-19 virus.

‘Met Office’s Record Rainfall Claim Turns Out To Be Fake’ - Paul Homewood (29 June 2020). Follow this site for daily updates on the latest ‘climate change’ propaganda.

The Modelers Thought of Everything Except Reality, American Institute for Economic Research,  June 14, 2020

“Much of the commentary focused on the absurd failures of the models being used by a handful of statisticians and epidemiologists. They predicted as many as 2.3 million deaths in the United States (the New York Times went one better and predicted 8.25 million deaths) if government didn’t crack down and shutter nonessential business, and lock hospitals down to become COVID-only zones. 

Economists know something about the incredible failure of forecasting models.”

Make decisions based on evidence, not fear. About Covid-19, but many issues exactly parallel those of climate change.