Rosie's Brexit Diary
11 December 2018

Who rules Britain? Is it Parliament or is it Jean-Claude Juncker?

Theresa May has spent the last two weeks trying to persuade the people and their MPs that the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ is fantastic - which it is for the EU - but for Britain it is appallingly awful and turns our nation into a colony of the EU almost wholly under the EU’s power.                                                                 

Parliament was scheduled to vote on the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ today (Tuesday). On Sunday and on Monday and on Tuesday morning, government ministers stated that the vote was going ahead. By Tuesday afternoon they had postponed the vote to mid-January.


This morning Theresa May flew to Holland and then to Berlin to try to get some improvements to the ‘deal’ (a fundamentally impossible task as the entire document stinks), in particular to the “Backstop arrangements” (under which Northern Ireland is removed from the United Kingdom and becomes part of the EU, against the will of the clear majority of the people who live there but in accordance with the aims of the IRA).


Jean-Claude Juncker - said “no”, saying there is “no room whatsoever for renegotiation”.


Now, the power structures within the EU are very complex, with the result that nobody needs to take any responsibility for any problems. The complexity also means that the true powers, the people who actually make decisions, remain hidden out of sight. Take a look at the EU’s own site

Are you any the wiser about how the EU works? Probably not, and this is deliberate. You are not supposed to know.

Back in 2014 The Guardian was outraged by Juncker’s appointment:

“To understand Juncker's improbable rise, it is necessary to go back to the 2009 Lisbon Treaty. The former Luxembourg prime minister landed the job by an overwhelming majority because national leaders sleepwalked into a trap laid by federalist schemers in the European parliament and could not summon the will to do anything about it, just as they appear to have overlooked reading the fine print of the legal text that governs Europe.


A catalogue of complacency, negligence, miscalculation and manoeuvring by national leaders over the past nine months conspired to deliver an outcome no one really wanted – Jean-Claude Juncker, “ but, according to the article, the one person who did want Juncker in place was Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. Read more here about the increasing powers the EU has been taking from the nations within it:

The EU, and its supporters, claim that Juncker was appointed via a democratic process, but the reality is that he was put in place by one single elected person (but only elected in Germany, not by us).

And today Mr Juncker, as our media respectfully term him, has more power over the life of you and me than our own Parliament. That’s why we at Beauty and the Beastly Truth support Leave - a full, clean, total leaving of the EU.

Who do you want to be governed by - Parliament in Westminster or unelected bureaucrats in Brussels? What do you think of the spectacle of the British Prime Minister crawling around Europe to beg for help to get her ‘deal’ through Parliament?

Instead - Britain could Leave the EU. Exactly as the British people voted for on 23 June 2016.