Rosie's Brexit Diary
11 January 2019

Advice from Australia.  You tell the politicians - “We told you what to do. Now do it.”

Peta Credlin 1 January 2019
















There is a saying in politics that nothing is ever as bad as it seems - but this Brexit fiasco is about as bad as it gets. One of the world’s great countries .... cannot decide if it accepts or rejects the democratic vote to leave the European Union.




Julia Hartley-Brewer interviews Peta Credlin 11 January 2019




















Peta Credlin: The world is watching this unfolding catastrophe very closely


You should walk away - they need you far more than you need them

Some bulldog spirit is required. I want Britain to look and sound like it used to look and sound.

The EU can’t afford for you to leave. You were always going to get a dodgy deal. Nobody does what Theresa May has done.

JHB: What do we do from here?

Peta Credlin: You should plan for a no-deal Brexit. You shouldn’t respond to the scare-mongering. We in Australia are not a big economy but we trade with the EU under WTO rules.

You once were a sovereign nation. You need backbone again.

You will get the other side of Brexit and the trains will still run and the sun will still come up.

The people voted and they could not have been clearer. The people need to say loud and clear, “We told you what to do. Now do it.”

Then they discuss illegal immigration before returning to Brexit.



One of the trolls seemed to think it peculiar that Leave supporters should listen to advice from Australia.  Two replies:


RL: Of course, TrollP - remember that English Common Law and British democracy is the global model, one of Britain's many extraordinary contributions to global good. Now that Britain has been corrupted and almost destroyed, of course we need to look elsewhere, to places where the model for society that we British created is still in good shape.



I prefer to listen to Australians speaking on Sovereignty rather than to pro EU 'experts' on how to turn the UK into a Vassal State to the EU, ruled from Berlin.  And then for the UNELECTED EU Commissioners to dictate how many £Billions (from the UK) they need on the Brussels Gravy Train.