Rosie's Brexit Diary
13 December 2018

Remainers do not understand what Leavers think

Brilliant parody: Gollum or Theresa May?


It is actually a Remoaner video calling for a second referendum, but, being broad-minded folks, Leavers enjoy it too.

Unfortunately actor Andy Serkis does not appear to understand any of the issues far as I can make out he believes that this Withdrawal Agreement is a genuine Brexit and is actually wanted by real Leave voters! Certainly, my EU supporting friends cannot understand why ‘Brexiteers’ are dissatisfied with it. Believe me, I have tried to explain! The lack of mutual understanding is just extraordinary.

Here is some of the text:

‘Precious …. our agreement, this is it, our deal! Yes, yes, we takes back control, money, borders, laws, blue passports!’


‘No, it hurts the people, it makes me poorer.’


‘But I finds it! I negotiates it! We wants it, we has to do it …’


‘Okay, okay we asks the people if they want it and then …’

‘No! Stupid tricksy remainers, they ruins it!’

‘But if the people want something else …’ [The suggestion being that the people want full remain. No, Andy Serkis: 17.4 million people voted Leave, the single biggest mandate for anything that Britain has ever seen - and Leave is what they intend to do.]

I guess the one thing that both sides agree on is that Theresa May is power-mad. Remoaners think that she gets it via Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement. Leavers understand that she gets her power via networks within the EU.

The EU is far from a single bloc, with Donald Tusk wanting a free trade agreement with Britain while Martin Selmayr and others want to punish Britain for leaving*. The Withdrawal Agreement appears to have been drawn up by Angela Merkel with Theresa May ** but there seem to be very few people ‘in the know’ as to who Theresa May is working for or what she is trying to achieve - and so most politicians and bureaucrats in the EU are deeply critical of her, just as we are. Plus - Angela Merkel is not popular either.

The citizens of Europe have mixed opinions. Many will miss Britain because they saw that we put a break on the agenda to unify the continent. If the concept of the EU having its own army terrifies me, I wonder what on earth the people of Europe would think if they were to see tanks ranging around with EU stickers on them.  I don’t know because the issue continues to be unreported on, even in the Daily Telegraph. 

Other citizens of Europe are cheering us on, desperate for Britain to escape so that they can do so also. I met two such people on the Brexit march last Sunday.

Still others wholly support the EU, just as do our Remainers, seeing it as a protector of democracy and justice and free speech.

And Britain has been paying for almost the entire operation.  Germany is said to be the biggest contributor but by the time all of the flows of money are taken into account, apparently, Britain’s contribution is far larger. Given the dire state of Britain and the mind-boggling levels of national debt, it is hard to see that it can be otherwise. So, naturally, lots of people in Europe want our money. 



A report from The Independent, July 2017 (paraphrased by Rosie):

Hans-Olaf Henkel is a senior German MEP and the president of the Federation of German Industries and a former chief executive of IBM. He said:

“I have the impression, by their public statements, that indeed they would like to set an example. They want to punish Britain and make sure that non-one else is leaving the European Union.”

And he accused EU Brexit negotiators Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt of wanting “to make a mess out of this whole unhappy situation”.



David Lidington, Olly Robbins, Julian Smith and Gavin Barwell - an important article and well worth reading.