Rosie's Brexit Diary
13 January 2019

Leadership at last from the Daily Telegraph

Forty years ago The Times newspaper was a recognised source of moral authority in Britain. What this paper said in its editorials mattered. By thirty years ago The Times had been corrupted - it no longer reported on the truth on a firm moral basis - it reported lies as and when it suited its political agenda.


The Guardian newspaper, together with the BBC, took over the agenda in Britain, supporting the EU and Political Correctness and the Liberalist agenda.  Those who supported traditional values had no natural home and no leadership. The Daily Telegraph failed to report the uncomfortable truths of the Liberalist agenda and failed to take a stand, let alone assume leadership.


In recent months both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express have been bought out by Liberalists, and many Telegraph readers, myself included, feared that this newspaper was going the same way. Earlier this year, in particular, one sensed a huge battle going on behind the scenes. The readers have been consistently urging the Telegraph to take up a position and clearly support Leaving the EU in accordance with the referendum result. Over the last two or three weeks this does seem to have happened, and I just hope it sticks.


Since Parliament returned from its Christmas break, the behaviour has gone from bad to worse and yet still worse. On Tuesday MPs will be given the chance to vote on Theresa May’s appalling ‘Withdrawal Agreement.’

The headlines in today’s Sunday Telegraph include several that address the critical importance for democracy of leaving the EU, in particular a leading article entitled “MPs must vote against Theresa May's Brexit deal in large enough numbers to kill it forever

TELEGRAPH VIEW”. The Telegraph still adheres to the old tradition of not giving the author of an editorial or leading article. This is good because it allows us to see that this is the position taken by the newspaper as a whole, and not merely one person’s opinion that is up for grabs just like any other opinion.


Here is Rosie’s summary of that article:


Not only should MPs vote against the Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday, but they must vote against it in large enough numbers to kill it dead, otherwise Theresa May will just keep bringing it back to the Commons until she gets her way. [To do this would be contrary to Commons protocol, but Parliament has now thrown out all tradition and protocol - eg the actions of John Bercow, the Speaker, a few days ago. He is supposed to remain rigidly neutral but blatantly broke both procedures and neutrality to favour the Remain camp.]       

Supporters of the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ (also known as ‘Theresa May’s deal’) claim that the only alternative to this ‘deal’ is to cancel Brexit. This is not true.

Furthermore, if this ‘agreement’ (technically a treaty) is a bad treaty then MPs are duty-bound to vote it down - and it is a very very bad treaty, which would:

Leave Britain arguing about Brexit for years to come, unable to govern ourselves, entirely subject to EU law and the EU’s own interpretation of its rules, unable to buy or sell products with the rest of the world except under the EU’s taxation system. And paying over vast sums of money for this. It is ruinous for Britain.


Last week, Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, pointed out that the Agreement’s promise of a “new, deep and special relationship” with the EU on security and defence would divert us from our traditional, NATO-focused strategy and probably render us a rule-taker not just on trade but “intelligence, space, financial contributions and the European Defence Agency”.


Brussels clearly wants to humiliate us.

Brexit threatens to block its goal to create a single state of Europe, plans that are nevertheless forging ahead. France and Germany are planning to merge borders, economies and defence policies. The EU needs Britain tied to this project, willingly or otherwise [to pay for it].


A no deal scenario would be difficult but it would also be manageable, despite the Government-orchestrated predictions of social and economic meltdown. France has done far more to prepare than Britain. The deputy mayor of Calais has insisted that lorries will run smoothly across the channel: Calais is seeking to employ at least 200 extra customs officials and has hired 200 veterinary inspectors. At Dover, Britain has just 41 customs officers and agents and only nine animal inspectors. 


Those saying that Mrs May’s deal is the only one on the table aim to frustrate the will of the people. On Tuesday there is only one thing in all good conscience that an MP can do: vote down Mrs May’s deal.



The reader comments to this article commended the Telegraph for taking a firm line. There is much discussion on the importance of democracy and about what will happen if we do not get a proper Brexit on 29 March.

The general mood is shifting from incredulous anger to dogged determination.


The opinion expressed for the last 18 months has been to say “wait for the next General Election” - in my opinion it will be too late by then and Britain will be permanently under the direct rule of Brussels. Over the last few weeks, as the tactics of the Remain camp have become more and more brazen, there has been a definite change in mood among readers. It is beginning to look as if the people of Britain will not submit. Will they march? Will they riot? Or will apathy win the day? If there are riots how will Police or Army brought in to quell them react? There was plenty of brutality years ago against the million-strong Countryside Alliance march - but those people were taken entirely by surprise. There are fears of violence. We simply do not know what will happen. That is why we need our democracy restored to us - immediately.


Details on the appalling ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ here from Professor Jonathan Story:


More about democracy:

Daniel Hannan (a sadly unstable supporter of Leave) writes a very powerful article here.

“The EU is not only undemocratic in itself; it also degrades the internal democracy of its constituent nations.

Everyone knows that the EU is run by unelected officials. ...and the member states are obliged repeatedly to distort their domestic constitutional arrangements.“

 “Following the 2016 referendum, those who had supported the losing side were showered with honours and knighthoods. The winners, meanwhile, have been subjected to low-level state persecution. I don’t use the word “persecution” lightly.”

Janet Daley explains the rhetoric and the machinations and concludes “Remain wants one big thing: to reverse this popular decision. I fear that its ruthless, single-minded determination has won.”