Rosie's Brexit Diary
14 December 2018 Part 1

About $%*$%g Time

The ERG seem finally to have woken up to the fact that the war of words matters out here - and to give us (the Leaving citizens) some support.


Shock - horror - somebody in Parliament (who spoke to a journalist ‘off the record’) called Philip Hammond a “complete moron”. About time!!!


Who’s who? - quick reminder:

The ERG stands for the ‘European Research Group’ which is a group of 50 MPs within the Conservative Party who are critical of the EU and committed to leaving in accordance with the referendum result. They are headed by Jacob Rees-Mogg and they led the attempt to remove Theresa May as Prime Minister.


Philip Hammond is Chancellor of the Exchequer and has been openly working to overturn the result of the 2016 referendum result to Leave. He was outspoken during the summer of 2017 when Theresa May was on her summer holidays. Her failure to remove him from office or even to rebuke him was the final proof I needed that Theresa May had no intention to lead Britain out of the EU. Philip Hammond has refused to give any money (none, not even a few million pounds) to prepare Britain to leave the EU while simultaneously agreeing to pay the EU £39 billion under the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’.


EU-supporting MPs are now calling for the ERG to be expelled from the Conservative Party.  This campaign is led by Philip Hammond who gave a TV interview hours before the no confidence vote, telling Sky News it would serve to “flush out the extremists” in his party.


This really is serious stuff, to brand MPs who support Leave, as “extremists” - but it is exactly what people such as me have been enduring for many months (and much worse). The ERG do finally seem to have realised that this war of words matters, and matters a lot. I sincerely hope so.


Let’s get this straight:

The anti-Leave propaganda is coming from all of the news outlets now, including the Daily Mail, which installed a new editor about 6 weeks ago and suddenly switched from Leave to Remain (and is now closing down its comments pages, which formerly were very open, free and well-moderated) and also the Daily Express (switching in a more subtle way from Leave to Remain, having been bought out by The Mirror Group a few weeks ago).

The other major newspapers (The Times, The Guardian and The Independent) are all strong Liberalists and EU supporters with very little by way of balanced reporting or commentary.

Even at the Daily Telegraph the majority of opinion pieces and news articles have supported the EU and used their terminology. Back in February I feared that the Liberalists had won at the Telegraph and it was only 2 weeks ago that the balance shifted in favour of Leave.


What the Leave supporters want is to:

- fulfil the result of the 2016 referendum to Leave the EU

- the Conservative Party to abide by their Manifesto under which they were elected to power in 2017 under which they committed to leave the EU including leaving the Customs Union and Single Market

- to live in an independent nation state which makes and enforces its own laws and which has proper national borders

- to maintain sovereignty over our land and our seas and ownership of the fish in our own waters

- to stop handing over vast sums of money to the EU, directly in terms of our contribution to the EU budget as well as most of the VAT which is collected. There are innumerable other ways in which our money and assets and industry are handed over to the EU and Leavers want the asset-stripping to stop

- to maintain full control over our armed services and police and intelligence gathering and justice system.


This list of desires has us branded as “extremists”, “revolutionaries”, “Nazis” and a whole host of other abusive terms.




The traditional British people certainly are slow to anger and slow to take offence, unlike the Liberalists who scream “INSULT” at the merest movement of the eyes.  The rest of us tend to view verbal accusations as below contempt, or to dismiss them with a flick of two fingers. Ordinary citizens have been slow to realise the dire threats that lie behind these accusations, but finally we are catching up.


To judge from the comments at the Daily Telegraph, it is Hammond calling us “extremists” that has been the final straw for many loyal members of the Conservative Party, with many telling us that they cancelled their membership and subscription last night.


It is hard to know quite what term to use to describe Hammond and his ilk: Liberals, EU-fanatics, globalists, Marxists - I will continue to call them “Liberalists”, as a non-emotive term that acknowledges the ideological nature of their opinions.


Examples from the Liberalists:


When Gordon Brown was appealed to concerning the high levels of immigration that adversely affect the indigenous people’s lives (and breaching their fundamental human right to peaceful enjoyment of their homes) he dismissed the woman as a “bigot”.


David Cameron (when Prime Minister) termed Leave supporters as “loonies, fruit cakes and closet racists”.


Anna Soubry (Conservative MP for Broxtowe) said in February that "35 hard ideological Brexiters, who are not Tories" should be "slung out" of the Party. She is now demanding that the leadership "boot...out of our party" the 117 of her Parliamentary colleagues who voted against the Prime Minister on Wednesday.


Philip Hammond in the last few days described MPs who lack confidence in the Prime Minister as "extremists". They would, he said, be "flushed out" by the vote, exposed as "trying to advance a particular agenda which would not be in the interests of the British people".


While we traditional people hold a wide variety of views and hold long debates between ourselves over these differences of opinion - the Liberalists all say the same thing - whether that be these powerful MPs noted above, the Protestors who stand outside Parliament - my Guardian newspaper-reading friend - or the trolls who infest the comments pages of the Daily Telegraph. There is more to this phenomenon than Groupthink - it is obvious to all readers that the trolls receive briefings and instructions on what to say. Just how much is coordinated behind the scenes is impossible to decipher, but the evidence suggests it is very highly coordinated and involves, in particular, Tony Blair, “Conman Porpoise” (see part 2 for explanation) and the BBC. Clearly there is global coordination and a global agenda as traditional people across the English-speaking world are facing the same destructive forces.


Compare, for example, the words of Anna Soubry and Philip Hammond to the words of the anti-Brexit demonstrator I described in my diary for the 5 December “When we have got rid of Brexit we will cleanse Parliament and reform it all and have a proper democracy accountable to the people. There is a cabal of anti-democratic people in there [ref the ERG] ... and we will remove them ..”


Consider, what “we” does this demonstrator refer to? He means he and his pals and not the normal channels of a democratic society. By “people”, again, he means only some of the people, and certainly not those who voted to Leave. This language is chilling and exactly what we slightly older people remember from the days of the Soviet Union and from the militant trade union leaders here in Britain (in the days before Margaret Thatcher took on their power and forced the union leaders to consult their members).