Rosie's Brexit Diary
14 December 2018 Part 2

A "World Trade Brexit"

The Daily Telegraph readers have been saying for a long time that we simply need to switch from the EU to WTO-regulated trade.


Fraser Nelson (Telegraph journalist formerly a strong EU supporter) reported yesterday as follows:


“ .... Brexit on World Trade terms. This is not as scary as it might sound. Emergency preparation meetings are being held every few days now, and more Cabinet members who had been concerned now consider it manageable. “The civil service might yet turn out to be heroes of Brexit,” says one. “They probably hate the whole agenda, but the preparations are amazing. I really think we can handle this. Last month, I didn’t.” Even inside No. 10, there is a feeling that no-deal would be (as one official puts it) “more Millennium Bug than World War Three”. The various scare stories – about medicine running out, water running dry, aircraft unable to land – are no longer terrifying as many ministers as they once did.”


Cabinet Members - what do we pay them for? It is seriously ridiculous that they have believed these scare stories that most of the population deride as “Project Fear”. Ministers have ignored the people who actually know what they are talking about, such as Peter Lilley. I hope they have finally realised he is worth listening to.


And Fraser Nelson, a well-paid journalist. He has not been doing his homework either and still writes that the appalling ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ will be just fine with a minor tweak regarding Northern Ireland and the Backstop.


Sigh. Words fail me.


Peter Lilley has been giving them all the slogans they could need!

“A World Trade Brexit”

“There’s no Cliff Edge -It’s down hill all the way from here, folks!”

“It’s not crashing out - It’s cashing in!”


We would already be out and feeling the benefits if this had been enacted from Day 1 of the Leave vote. Why are we here instead? We really need to know who they are that have been driving Britain to the brink of catastrophe. A large proportion of Daily Telegraph readers perceive that Theresa May is nothing but a puppet on somebody else’s strings. Just who are the puppet masters? We need to know - more to the point -  we need to remove their power over our nation. There are some obvious places to start - please refer to the site "C----- P------ Exposed".


To try to avoid Artificial Intelligence, I will call this organisation ‘Conman Porpoise’. When you search for the site, the first word is common. The second is purpose. I will talk about it another day and its dangerous and corrupting influence that is an open secret.