Rosie's Brexit Diary
15 December 2018

Pro-Brexit Demonstrations

17.4 million people voted to Leave the EU, and while Parliament continues to conspire to keep Britain either in or under the EU, the people are getting more and more angry. They voted Leave - and leave they intend to do.

Every day now, people are gathering to demonstrate in front of the Houses of Parliament. Some people join an organised demonstration (contact Leave Means Leave for details) while others make a simple placard and stand in front of the railings to make their own personal protest. 

This is Tim A's report from 12 December (please note these are Tim's personal views and are not necessarily the views of Beauty and the Beastly Truth):-

Passed by Westminster today to meet some proud patriots for Brexit, the demo today led by a Scotsman. Also had a lively discussion with the anti-Brexit protestors (who are almost exclusively rich, middle class, baby boomer liberals).

I think it triggered the Remainers a bit - first to see so many of us for Brexit were 30 years younger than them, and second when I told them diversity is our weakness, not our strength. 

And it got worse when I told them the ethnic British have every right to preserve their rule and their majority in their homeland just like all nations do. 

And that as the son of an English father and an immigrant mother, I do NOT believe my mother should EVER be considered British or have the same rights as a Brit inside Britain, and that neither should I EVER be considered fully ethnically British because I am NOT.

And that your culture, identity, nation, ethnicity and heritage is everything, and without fighting for that, you are a shallow, soul-less human. 

Yes, I would say they were triggered, especially the one who compared me to Sir Oswald Mosley - though he didn't like it when I compared him to Marxist subversives whilst reminding him we have crushed and expelled such people before, and we will again, to defend our culture, our religion, our nation, our sovereignty, our heritage.