Rosie's Brexit Diary
18 December 2018

Will we gain Brexit? Will democracy win?

Progress has been made and the mood on the Daily Telegraph pages was euphoric .... with talk of the street parties and rejoicing come 30 March 2019 when we have left the EU behind and become a sovereign nation ..... once again trading with the rest of the world in the same way as do most other nations - under World Trade Organisation arrangements.

And wow! Did we need a day’s relief from the continual grind and misery! ... actually we just had a few hours before harsh reality took over again. The anti-democratic forces will not give up and the great fear is that Theresa May’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ will be passed by Parliament before that date arrives.


Britain leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 by Act of Parliament


- and the Remainers want this deadline extended (or to have the Act repealed and Brexit cancelled altogether - and The European Court of Justice recently ruled that Britain may do just that and cancel Article 50.

Reminder: Article 50 is the provision under EU law for countries to leave the EU and it sets a 2-year time limit in which a country must leave. It was activated by Theresa May on 29 March 2017, and Parliament confirmed the leave date of 29 March 2019. (Though, of course, a country may simply leave - no need for permission or using Article 50 - and Theresa May was widely advised to do just that.)


There is much pressure from EU-lovers both inside and outside Parliament.


The good news is that the EU holds elections in May 2019 to the European Parliament - and since the EU claims to be a democratic organisation, nobody wants to see Britain being within the EU but the people denied a vote for an MEP.  To cancel or extend the deadline becomes much less likely.

A second referendum (the thing being promoted as a ‘People’s Vote’ ) would need the deadline delayed because it would take about a year to arrange - nonetheless the campaign continues.


What does “no deal” mean? - It means “no deal with the EU” (It is also termed a “Hard Brexit”.)

“No deal” does NOT mean chaos - no “cliff edge”, no “crashing out”. A few hiccups possibly but nothing that cannot be solved. The British Army has been placed on standby to assist with logistical problems and businesses can be given a tax holiday or government assistance to enable them to survive any short-term disruption.

If nothing happens between now and the end of March then “no-deal-with-the-EU” is what we will get - it is the default option already defined by Act of Parliament, the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. You can read the Act here


Project Fear has continued non-stop since the vote to Leave was confirmed. According to the propaganda:

There will be queues of lorries full of rotten lettuce across Kent, around the M25 and stretching all the way back to Spain

There will be no medicines and Theresa May will run out of insulin to treat her diabetes. She is very worried about it, she says

There will be no sperm in the sperm banks

The aeroplanes will fall out of the sky

There will be 6-month delays in Britain’s ports

There will be a plague of locusts and the River Thames will turn red and we will all die.

Despite the best efforts of Philip Hammond and Theresa May to prevent orderly preparations, businesses and organisations and even some Government departments have in fact been preparing for a “no deal” Brexit.



Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, claimed recently that ports would face chaos if the UK left the EU without a deal and would take “years” to adapt.

Tim Morris, the chief executive of UK Major Ports Group, the trade body, said: “The UK’s port sector is a resilient, adaptable and highly competitive one, offering customers a range of options. We will work through the challenges of Brexit as we have done with huge changes throughout the centuries.” Many people who actually know how Britain’s ports operate confirm Tim Morris’ statement.

Note to Philip Hammond: it is now over 2½ years since Britain voted to Leave - it was his job to ensure that we do so without chaos at our ports. He seems to have forgotten that Britain is an island - stupid and ignorant Remoaner that he is!


Goods in transit (e.g. Ireland’s trade with the EU which is routed across Britain)

The UK recently renewed membership of CTC , the Common Transit Convention, which covers the movement of goods across borders and applies post-Brexit. The system makes frictionless trade a reality with customs tariffs paid at destination.

Another convention covering aeroplanes and airspace has also been signed.


Great article in the Daily Telegraph from Dominic Raab. Who is he?

With thanks to Wikipedia:


Dominic Raab is a British Conservative Party politician who served as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union from July 2018 to November 2018 (when he resigned in protest at the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’. Raab has served as Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton since being elected in 2010.

Born 1974, trained as a lawyer, Karate black belt - and a long track record of fighting political correctness. Has consistently supported the democratic decision of the British people to leave the EU.

Dominic Raab supports leaving the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms - and instead of paying £39 Billion to the EU we can use some of that money to leave in an orderly manner and to offset the various risks. He writes:

“In some areas, we need EU cooperation. The European Commission has agreed to cooperate on aviation to ensure flights run between the UK and EU, and the Bank of England and European Central Bank are working together on financial risks. But, Commission Secretary General Martin Selmayr has refused wider collaboration. If this continues, we should be clear with UK and EU citizens that this is a deliberate choice made by Brussels.”



The British people are still determined that democracy will prevail.


DT commentator OCR writes:

There would be blood on the streets before the leave vote is cancelled. There are two democratic pillars which reinforces my view: 1) of course the binary referendum which yielded a clear result, and 2) the governments manifesto on which they were elected. If both these pillars fail then the UK would have one hell of a lot more to worry about than remaining in the EU.


LES writes:

There’s plenty of time between now and 29 March 2019 for more shocks and surprises. Despite all attempts to sabotage and thwart the will of the people, Brexit as voted for will win out. Article 50 is LAW. No-deal by default is LAW. All else is conjecture and speculation. Prepare for a No-deal or a so called Hard Brexit with tweaks.



We have other great matters to fear as well.

Opposition to the UN Migration Pact has brought down the Belgian government. Shortcut to information >> click here


The Continent is seething with anger and the entire EU threatens to collapse catastrophically because of both social breakdown and the financial instability of the EU, especially the Eurozone and the Ponzi-like structure of the entire edifice.


There is still no attention being paid to the handover of our military to the EU. Shortcut to more information >> click here



Other sites to visit:

Spiked, edited by Brendan O'Neill who used to write for the Telegraph.


A comment from  Daily Telegraph reader



To me some points are clear.

1. We are not some small tinpot nation pleading for scraps.

2. We have something no other EU country has I.e. long standing ties of genuine and historical friendship with a myriad of countries outside of the EU.

3. In time of serious trouble, who would we count on to support us? It would be those same friends. It would be the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, maybe India even. It wouldn’t be France or Germany or Spain or Italy.

4. It is impossible to negotiate if your starting point is that you have to make a deal at any cost.

5. If you are in an abusive relationship you would never listen to people screaming that, well you would have to move home, get a new job you’d be poorer etc. No you’d get out in the view that any life would be better than being stuck in a relationship that curtails your freedom.

6. Lastly, since when did gaining independence become such an extraordinary desire? The Hungarians and Poles and a myriad of other brave peoples have died for it.

7. Free of the EU chains who knows what British ingenuity could achieve? It could be the biggest thing that has happened to us since the war.

8. If we don’t take this chance we’ll never get another one, in the worst case, within 50 years the UK could end up as a mere postcode referred to only in History books.




“Yellow vests UK” are now doing peaceful protests that are impressively calm and well organised. Look them up on Youtube.