Rosie's Brexit Diary
19 December 2018

“No deal” Brexit - why this is fundamentally important for everyone in Britain and for all members of NATO

“No deal” means “no deal with the EU” - which is what we voted for in June 2016.


“No deal” is also enshrined in existing legislation. If Parliament were to go on holiday for the next 4 months then Britain would automatically exit with no deal on 29 March 2019. I wish they would, because the big worry is that Brussels will make just enough changes to the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ to persuade our [insert expletive] [insert adjective] MPs to vote for it. Let’s just call the MPs ‘stupid’ for convenience.


Why stupid? Because all 500 pages of the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ are ###**** [insert description of your own choosing - the English language does not really have any words strong enough to describe how terrible this ‘deal’ is.]


However - the situation is still worse:


There has still been no discussion of a letter written on 29 November by hugely eminent people about the security implications of the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ . None of the newspapers nor TV stations has so much as mentioned it - with one exception, ‘The Sun’. This is mind-boggling for anyone aged 50 or above, brought up to consider ‘The Times’ to be the ultimate newspaper in terms of responsibility, authority and honesty and freedom of press in support of a free society, while ‘The Sun’ was considered the preserve of Page Three Girls and little else (an unfair assessment, by the way).


This letter is so significant that it should be all over the front pages and headline news at the BBC – until such time as the government rectifies the issues by withdrawing the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ without compromise.


But what does this tell us about freedom of the press, without which there can be no freedom of speech and no true democracy? It looks bad. Very bad. Even if/when Britain escapes from the EU, there is an enormous task ahead of us to restore our nation. The second thing that Britain needs, in my opinion, is a written Constitution. The first thing that Britain needs is to decide what its values are (a topic for another day.)


If Theresa May succeeds in forcing her ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ through Parliament then only two hopes remain to us, (1) that Lawyers for Britain will launch a legal challenge, or (2) that the Queen speaks out.




The letter of 29 November:


The Sun’s report:

A message to The Prime Minister

What is being presented to British citizens as “the best deal available” is the exact opposite of the people’s instruction to take back control. For the first time in its history, Parliament is being asked to suspend its own sovereignty: it has no constitutional or moral right to do this. Any legislator that votes for it will not be forgiven.

The ‘deal’ surrenders British national security by subordinating UK defence forces to Military EU control and compromising UK Intelligence capabilities. It puts at risk the fundamental Anglosphere alliances, specifically the vital Five Eyes Alliance and thereby threatens western security.


This surrender is to an undemocratic organisation, the European Commission. The last two years have demonstrated how untrustworthy and hostile towards the UK the EC is, notably its use of the Irish border as a weapon.


The EC offers subordination, not partnership. The only way to leave the EU is by declaration that from 29th March 2019 Great Britain will deal fairly with the EU as it does with the rest of the world. No ransom should be paid.

Mrs May has completely failed to understand that this vote was on an issue of principle: sovereignty.

To leave on WTO terms is now the only viable way to leave the EU and we urge British people to ignore the hysterical demonisation of this course of action by the current Project Fear, just as they ignored its scare-mongering predecessor in 2016. No risks are greater than the Withdrawal Agreement’s terms of surrender. The people voted to take back control of our sovereignty, not for a colonial status.

Mrs May has broken trust with the British people as she has lost the trust of so many of her Ministers.

Sir Richard Dearlove (former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service)

Sir Rocco Forte (Chairman, Rocco Forte Hotels)

Martin Howe QC (Chairman, Lawyers for Britain)

Lord Lawson (Former Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Sir Paul Marshall (Chairman of Marshall Wace Asset Management and Co-Chairman of Prosperity UK)

Major General Julian Thompson (Chairman, Veterans for Britain)

Lord Trimble (Former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Peace Prize winner)



The Government rubbished the letter, saying claims the PM's deal would surrender British national security are "just simply wrong".

Briefings for Brexit describe the above letter of 29 November as follows:

On 29 November a Message to Mrs Theresa May, Prime Minister, was published on Briefings for Brexit and elsewhere. In its severity and in the eminence and range of its signatories from the worlds of Intelligence, Defence, Business, Finance, the Law, by a former Chancellor of the Exchequer and by a First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Prize winner, it was unprecedented since May 1940 and the calls for a clear understanding of the nature of this country’s enemy and an end to Lord Halifax’s wishful thinking.

Read here how Briefings for Brexit replied to the Prime Minister:

It would be a fair guess that the lawyers do indeed intend, if necessary, to use this exchange of letters as the basis of a legal challenge.


Read this sentence again and read between the lines:

“ it was unprecedented since May 1940 and the calls for a clear understanding of the nature of this country’s enemy”.

In the meantime - continue to write to the Queen. Say as much or as little as you wish - print it or write by hand - the mere fact of writing is what matters.

Here is the formula to use:

Mark the envelope ‘Brexit’ to distinguish it from Christmas cards and other greetings.

Address: HM The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA

Start letter with: "Your Majesty," 

Be polite. Remember she still has power as Head of State to intervene.