Brexit Diary
19 December 2019

Come on Boris!


Plenty of celebration still on the outcome of the General Election.  For example,

JR says:


God, what a relief...... That we actually have a sensible functioning patriotic government at last..... and for years! 


And LS says:

Chime away Big Ben ! Brexit Day will be a day of celebration and joy !

We are still anxious. Is Boris going to bring out of himself what many of us believe is there, and live up to this opportunity to be a true hero and rescue our nation and culture and decent civilisation, or is he going to follow in the degrading footsteps of Edward Heath, John Major and David Cameron? And the Withdrawal Agreement is still terrible!

Some things that need doing:

Restore our democracy

Clean up the legal process to restore justice

Properly manage our environment

Recover our fisheries

Get rid of the ‘hate laws’ and restore freedom of speech

Railways, defence, the auditing process, there is so much to do!


More immediately:

End HS2

Stop shelling out money on everything else and use it to clean out the drains to stop the roads from flooding at the first drop of rain, dredge the rivers to stop entire towns and cities flooding, and maintain museums and libraries, and maintain parks and playing fields – all now disappearing from life. Things that are termed ‘social capital’ and things that truly matter in the long term.

Take proper steps against illegal immigration

Act on BBC bias and cost

Today the Daily Telegraph editorial has called (yet again) for an end to the state persecution of British service personnel who served in Northern Ireland during the 1970s. Yesterday the High Court ruled that IRA member John Downey  was responsible for the 1982 Hyde Park bombing which killed four British soldiers. This raises fresh questions about the Blair government’s decision to grant immunity to terrorist suspects as part of the Good Friday Agreement. Downey was previously charged after he was arrested in 2013, but the trial dramatically collapsed the following year after defence lawyers produced a written assurance from Tony Blair’s government that he was no longer wanted as part of its controversial On The Runs (OTRs) scheme.

Relatives of the four Royal Household Cavalrymen who died in the attack brought a civil action against Mr Downey, and yesterday the High Court ruled that he was an “active participant” in the atrocity. The ruling raises broader questions about the wisdom of awarding the OTRs in the first place. Blair’s failure to make similar provision for British service personnel, together with the political will from within the establishment, means that elderly former soldiers, many suffering from chronic illness, are now looking at the prospect of facing trial. The Daily Telegraph describes this situation as “a grave injustice that the Government must address as a matter of urgency.”

Here’s the link



JS says:

It's all up to Boris now, he controls how the political pendulum will swing. He has the mandate and support of many in the country and his enemies of the establishment status quo have been injured and are licking their wounds. 

He could cancel the legal funding to prosecute soldiers and get away with it and the country will back him, even if the establishment do not. He could trim the BBC and demand unbiased reporting and threaten to abolish the organisation if they fail to comply. 

It's now or never for Boris and the country, if he baulks or follows his liberal tendencies nothing will change.      



P-IRA had been infiltrated and was pretty much on its knees when it agreed to talks.  Blair was only interested in a quick deal, the quicker the better, and was prepared to agree to pretty much anything to get it done.

This is not an unusual trait in self-obsessed politicians.  Heath was so keen to take the UK into the EEC that he was prepared to agree to pretty much anything.  This was why we ended up as the third largest budgetary contributor while gaining the least and with a fishing industry sold down the river.

And now the fear is Boris will take the same approach to withdrawal.


Former immigration chiefs speaking out about illegal immigration


More craziness for Boris to tackle!

Author J.K. Rowling has declared that “sex is real” in defiance of an employment court ruling that such views are offensive and fair grounds for dismissal.

Maya Forstater lost her job in March this year tweeting that “male people are not women” while questioning Government proposals that would allow transgender people to self-identify their sex. She took her former employer, the US think tank Centre for Global Development (CGD), to an employment tribunal, arguing that they discriminated against her “deeply held” view that there are only two sexes.

But employment Judge Tayler ruled against Ms Forstater, saying her views are “incompatible” with the human rights of transgender people and “not worthy of respect in a democratic society”.