Brexit Diary
19 December 2019 Part 2

Queen's speech key points: NHS and Brexit at heart of Boris Johnson's agenda as Prime Minister


From BL:

Some good things in there. I still think no benefits for 5 years should include no access to the NHS for 5 years except in an emergency, and likewise for housing, school places etc. No decent job and paying tax, no free stuff.  Also wish Boris would dilute these awful “hate laws” that are being used to silence free speech all over the country.

From AN:

Edwards once again demonstrating the BBC is the chief, if unelected, opposition to the Conservative Government. Brilliant speech. Ever so predictable response from the BBC.


From NK:

Of the £34bn for the NHS at least one quarter should be found from the savings of a management cull.


From RuL:

Imagine how horrendous this would have been in Labour had won: Marxism, referendums, identity politics, unlimited immigration, all the rest.


From MT:

When are they going to repeal the foreign aid law Cameron introduced which forces us to give at least 0.7% of GDP in foreign aid for free?