Brexit Diary
1 February 2020

Britain has left the EU


At 11.00 pm last night Britain finally left the EU. There was a big celebration in London's Parliament Square with plenty of young people and four visitors even travelled over from Hong Kong especially for the occasion.  There was plenty of support, as always, from Australia, from the general public and retired politicians such as Tony Abbott.  The occasion is being hailed as a momentous event on a par with the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Here at Beauty and the Beastly Truth the celebrations were muted. Boris’ version of the Withdrawal Agreement, signed a few days ago by Britain and the EU, is appalling. It is not a clean leave and will lead to many years of argument and compromise.  In the run up to the General Election we were called upon to ‘trust Boris’. Along with a great many former Conservative voters we do not trust Boris; the lead reason being his strong support for the global warming agenda promoted by Theresa May, which we saw as highly indicative of how he would act as Prime Minister; fearing that he would not be acting for the good of the land.


Our other main reasons for mistrusting Boris and the Conservative Party:


  1. They clearly preferred to risk a Corbyn government than to allow a single Brexit Party MP.

  2. Even ERG were attacking Nigel Farage and ‘Brexiteers’

  3. This was the same Conservative Party that campaigned so outrageously against Brexit under David Cameron, failed utterly to present the case for the other side or to prepare plans in case of a Brexit vote, and installed Theresa May as PM and kept her in place until the success of the Brexit Party during 2019 forced them to remove her.

  4. Because the various notorious Brexit-blocking MPs who decided not to stand in December were replaced by CCHQ by other candidates who support the EU and general Globalist/liberalist agenda.

  5. The Bruges Group fell silent, and still is, with no explanation or communication.

  6. Because Boris had promised to take us out of the EU at Halloween with or without a ‘deal’ – but instead caved in without a murmur to the Lady Hale judgement of the Supreme Court and to the ‘Benn Act.’