Brexit Diary
21 December 2019

Brexit Vote in the House of Commons

The Commons has voted on Boris's updated European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill and it passed with a majority of 125. This is far more than Boris's 80 majority which means that 45 Labour and SNP MPs voted for the Bill or abstained. The Bill now goes forward for further debate and scrutiny by both Houses of Parliament before becoming law in early January, ahead of the deadline when we leave the EU at 11pm on 31 January 2020.

During 2020 there will be negotiations with the EU to try to agree a trade deal. Boris has said that he won't agree to align Britain's laws to the EU after January 2020. This has clearly touched a raw nerve with the EU and they have already said that that means no agreement. However, the pressure is on the EU now, because negotiations will end *by law* at the end of 2020, there can be no extensions, and without an agreement Britain's leaving will be finalised on WTO terms covered by international law so the EU can't overrule it.

Frankly, we believe that WTO is the most likely outcome, as the EU won't negotiate and compromise. It has shown no desire to do so and all the concessions so far have come from the UK. There is nothing to be feared from leaving on WTO terms, as long as Whitehall is properly prepared and has not been playing politics behind the scenes. They have had over 3 and a half years so there's no excuse. It's also encouraging to know that Dominic Cummings, Boris's special adviser, seems to be on to this and will be making sure that Whitehall is working to achieve a smooth Brexit.

But .... we still haven't seen the draft of Boris's agreement. Why is none of the MSM going through the details line-by-line so we can see what we're being signed-up to? Reports are that many of the amendments forced through by the previous rogue Parliament have been removed, but we can't confirm what has been changed. Where is the level of reporting we need? Why are we all in the dark?

Gina Miller

As reported in the Daily Telegraph, Gina Miller has been complaining about her "right" to use the Courts to oppose Brexit being impeded by the Brexit legislation going through Parliament. Ms Miller, along with every other citizen of the UK, has no given "right" to oppose and frustrate the Government. That "right" is vested in Her Majesty's Opposition (Labour), who are the elected representatives. Ms Miller is not elected. The only reason she has been able to challenge is because of the money she has - and has anyone investigated if it really is her own money she is using? Money should *never* get anyone access to power. Ms Miller had a vote to cast on 12 December. We trust she used it. That is all she should have, just like the rest of us.