Brexit Diary
23 January 2020

It's now or never – Boris must beat the Blob or be suffocated by it

The Daily Telegraph has articles calling for HS2 to be scrapped almost every day. The latest is from Allister Heath who argues that this is an essential battle for Johnson to win against the power and inertia of what is now called ‘The Blob’ - the lefty bureaucratic alliance of the Civil Service (‘Whitehall’), the quangos, the Supreme Court and much more.


There are a few very small steps in the right direction to be seen:


- Apparently we really are going to leave the EU on 31 January this year with no more delays, but with no official celebration. The bureaucrats have decreed that Big Ben will not chime to mark the occasion;

- There will be ‘regulatory divergence’ which means that we will not continue to follow what the EU says we should do;

- Mark Carney has gone from the Bank of England, though he’s been given a quangocratic role within the ‘global warming’ scam;

- Dominic Cummings (Boris Johnson’s special adviser) has been calling for ‘intellectual diversity’ within the civil service;

- At the BBC, ‘Lord’ Tony Hall, the Director General for a long time, has resigned;

- John Manzoni has retired as the civil service’s chief executive;


- Lawrence Fox (actor and song writer) has become a hero! A woman on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ told him that he was not allowed to comment on the Meghan & Harry situation because he is a ‘white male’ [this is allowed, according to the liberal-left, under the rules of ‘Structural Racism’] and he told her that she is a racist and a sexist.

Here he is talking to Brendan O’Neill:

Daily Telegraph’s report:

Video clip from ‘Question Time’:

Lawrence Fox praises the British people for their patience and persistence over Brexit. For a long time it looked as though democracy was not going to happen, that the vote to leave the EU would be negated – but through continual persistence and without resort to violence, Brexit is happening (more or less).

Let's hope that with Brexit finally happening, we can get on with our lives and not have to write endless complaints and attend rallies in order to get democracy respected in this country.