Rosie's Brexit Diary
25 November 2018

The "Withdrawal Agreement" of abject surrender

Earlier today the EU took 37 minutes to agree a Withdrawal Agreement which includes a Backstop and a Political Statement. None of this is an actual trade deal which is still to be agreed. Plus the EU can still make further changes to it. Over 500 pages and all in misleading jargon terms.     


The effect is to keep Britain in the EU but without any say or influence. The Agreement is of the type only inflicted upon a nation which has lost militarily in a major war. Britain has no right to withdraw and becomes a territory of the EU.


It is worse than staying in. It was drawn up by two elected persons (Theresa May, Prime Minister of Britain, and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany) together with one British bureaucrat (Olly Robbins) plus various EU bureaucrats. It is deliberately complex and confusing and written in a manner that ensures that, however one summarises the agreement, people will be able to argue endlessly about it.


Leavers are FURIOUS. 

The 'Withdrawal Agreement' is bad and mad:


Theresa May is the most dangerously naïve Prime Minister ever to govern this country:

My friends who support the EU cannot understand why Leavers are not satisfied with it. They believe that this Withdrawal Agreement does mean that Britain leaves the EU. Sadly, despite being friends of many years, we were unable to discuss the matter without blame and acrimony. My American friends describe a comparable situation in the USA, where those who did and those who did not vote for President Trump cannot talk about it - and many friendships and family relationships are terminated, just as in Britain. Such division within a single nation is deeply deeply worrying. These are the types of division that, in previous centuries, have led to civil war - yet even to make this basic historical observation leads to even more blame and acrimony. Were I to say “This is playing with fire” I would be termed a right-wing extremist thug stirring up hatred - etc - all the usual accusations that I presume readers are all too familiar with for themselves.


Parliament is due to debate it on December 11th. The Withdrawal Agreement - we can categorically state - is the opposite of statement after statement of the Conservative Party, including the most recent Manifesto pledges upon which they were elected to government.


Meanwhile - Theresa May continues to hand Britain’s armed forces over to the EU


- and there is something else that Theresa May is signing the nation up to: an agreement on international migration, apparently on the same day, December 11th. I have seen nothing in the newspapers about this and nothing on TV. I am trying to find out about it.