Rosie's Brexit Diary
26 November 2018 Part 1


Like a coward, I had been hoping to avoid the topic of inward migration. Even to mention the topic is to have harsh words hurled at one: “Racist” - “Supremacist” - “Nazi”. Members of the indigenous population cower in silence. We fear even to remind people that it was in fact we British people, our parents and grandparents, who stood alone against Nazi Germany and who fought against Nazism with everything we had and more.


If any overseas reader finds this hard to believe I can only assure you - it's true. The anti-British talk is led by the BBC, now generally known as the “Biased Broadcasting Corporation” - the “Brussels Broadcasting Corporation” - and the “Britain Bashing Corporation”.                                                           


Britain is a small island and the indigenous population breeds slowly, at below replacement rate. Given the anti-family rhetoric and punitive taxation system this is hardly a surprise. Yet the total population has risen sharply in recent decades due to immigration. The factual size of the population is impossible to know because the government figures cannot be accurate and understates the genuine figure by a substantial percentage, in my opinion.


There has been an enormous programme of house-building in recent decades - in cities, towns and villages and right across the countryside, with extensive new housing spread over top-grade farming land. Despite all this building, house prices are at a record high and even a tiny home of their own is beyond the hope of most of our young people.


As is well known, the EU encourages freedom of movement of people right across the bloc, and in recent years huge numbers of people have come to Britain from Eastern Europe in particular. This obviously causes many serious economic and infrastructural problems - but the degree of friendliness between natives and new comers is very nice to witness. In terms of humanity and charm and willingness to work hard, the vast majority of these arrivals have added greatly to our lives. Meanwhile, the local population keep their mouths shut about the economic impact on Britain and our visitors seem totally unaware that they could be causing us any difficulties.


A recent encounter at my allotment perfectly illustrates these two aspects:


I was chatting to a gentleman from Bulgaria who explained to me how he is able to send back home some portion of his earnings as well as benefits (money paid to him by the government), and how his family is buying land and building a house with this money. He told me all this without the slightest awareness that this money is coming out of my economy and that neither I nor our children have the slightest opportunity to buy land and build a house. Then we all returned to our digging. A few minutes later I stepped into a wasps nest - the wasps were swarming round my legs and going up my skirt and I was screaming and trying to run away - and it was the Bulgarian gentleman who immediately raced to his car, fetched wasp killer, sprayed everything and rescued the situation. Oh, he said, he had only been stung about ten times, nothing to think about, and brushed off our thanks.


It is less well known that successive British governments, from Tony Blair onwards, have greatly encouraged and facilitated inward migration from countries far afield (and the EU is now doing the same thing). At this point I am going to stop writing because, quite specifically and literally, I fear the consequences of continuing. As I have said repeatedly, freedom of speech has been greatly compromised in Britain.


So, the latest development. What is this thing that Theresa May is going to sign in a few days time? See Part 2.


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