Rosie's Brexit Diary
26 November 2018 Part 2

The Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration

This information has been drawn from the Vatican, the official site of the Roman Catholic Church. I used this source because I trust (in general terms) the accuracy of the information provided.


There are two new international agreements which have been drawn up under the United Nations and which many nations will be signing up to in December 2018 -  in a few days time.


These are:

1              The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

2              Global Compact on Refugees


Pope Francis supports these agreements because he says that ‘All human beings deserve protection’ and he wishes to see people “welcome, protect, promote and integrate.”

Fr. Czerny said, “protection is not something that was invented by the Global Compact. Protection is something that we deserve because we are human beings. That is what it means to have human dignity, to have human rights. To be protected.”



Rosie comments:

I have seen nothing about these “Compacts” in government reports,  newspaper articles or other media sources in Britain. Looking online I found one newspaper report from New Zealand and one from Canada. The only reason I know about the Compacts is because I read about them in the online comments pages at the Daily Telegraph.


One might be tempted to think that the whole thing is a hoax, fake news or a conspiracy theory - but thanks to The Vatican we know this is real news.


So, what is it all about? Good question. One certainty is that none of the people who will be affected by further inward migration have been asked for their agreement. What about the detail? You can read the documents for yourself but they are very long and written in exceedingly obscure language.


I would feel better about it if the Vatican were able to point out where and when, in history, mass migration has ever resulted in protection for anyone. As a general rule, mass movements of people result in mass slaughter and frequently in mass deaths from disease - that is the historical fact.  The Vatican has nothing to say about how the host communities are to be protected nor about which community is supposed to integrate with the other. Is the host culture to be protected? The Vatican is silent.


In terms of ‘human rights’,  the human rights of pre-existing population to the peaceful enjoyment of their own homes appears to have been ignored.




The Toronto Sun does not like it:


In New Zealand there is at least a degree of public debate and one has the impression that the government is (to some extent) answerable to the people:                                         


Since there is no official information, I bring to you comments made by Daily Telegraph readers. I cannot check the accuracy but can say only that I find the track record of these commenters to be reliable.


This is from ‘STS’:

The MSM (Main Stream Media) have refused to publish any details of the UN Compact on Global Immigration, which May is scheduled to sign us up to in December.


It makes migration a human right and declares that there is no such thing as illegal migration, so as signatories we shall be obliged to accept any number of migrants from anywhere, particularly the overpopulated and impoverished countries of the third world.


Theresa May has agreed to this without bothering to inform the electorate or Parliament.

From ‘PER’:

Theresa May and the EU Commission plus Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are determined to agree to the new UN "Compact on Migration" due to be signed in Rabat, Morocco, over the 10th and 11th of next month.

This commits in a "non binding agreement" if you can believe that to take in an ever increasing share of 260 million refugees from Islamic and African states with all rights and privileges including health care, education, jobs and translators going forward.....and it sets Europe on course for civil war.

From ‘DB’:

Treason May as I posted many times in 2017 was out to sabotage Brexit.

On December 10th she is going to carry out an even greater act of treachery against our country.

She is signing us up for the Global Compact for safe orderly and regular migration. Germany France and Canada are also signing. It is nothing less than a plan to bring millions of people from high population growth countries into the west. You can google up and read the official document and download as a PDF.

 Refusing to sign are the United States, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Israel.


From ‘NR’:


I've read it, an appalling document. It basically compromises the ability of a nation to control its own immigration policy and border. It also makes no distinction between genuine refugees and illegal economic migrants, this is also with regard to welfare, housing, benefits etc an illegal migrant would get access to them all.  The worst part that it would make it illegal for citizens and media to criticise mass migration.

What the hell are the Conservatives playing at? They are showing themselves with each day that they are Globalists with the intent of destroying the nation state and our native culture. Along with the Withdrawal Agreement, the Future Declaration, PESCO and the Global Compact the conservatives are deliberately handing over sovereignty and control over incredibly important areas of our state.



What can we do?

1                In Britain there is a petition against this UN agreement:

2              Support Britain Leaving the EU (because only then can we have any hope of restoring the traditional nation state complete with borders, defence and protection of the citizens)

3              Tell everyone you know about it and try to generate public debate (in your own nation and internationally) - in particular talk to anyone you know who works in the media or is in any position of influence

4              Support democracy and attempt to hold your elected representatives to the will of the people.