Rosie's Brexit Diary
27 December 2018

The Queen and democracy

Many people are disappointed that our Queen did not intervene a long time ago to stop sovereignty passing to Brussels, and to protect our land from destruction.


Here is a roundup of the popular comments on the Daily Telegraph, edited by me.


Starting with a popular sentiment, which I share, of course.


JoeL 24 Dec 2018:


God Save the Queen




There is a theory doing the rounds (which, I think, emanates from the USA in something called ‘Q’) that Her Majesty is one of ‘them’ - meaning - one of the people working to destroy democracy and the nation state, generally termed the ‘global, liberal, urban elite’, and most often as “The Globalists”. I do not believe this. I feel absolutely certain that she is not. The DT readers agree with that assessment:


Lca 24 Dec 2018:

People ask does the Queen support Brexit, of course she does. She represents our Sovereignty, Laws and Parliament.

Brussels is one big bureaucratic dictatorship whose chief ambitions is to steal power from individual nations, the European Federal State project, and us leaving just might save the other countries from this fate.



Her recent comment of “Why can’t we just leave?” is spot on.  Most people aren't fed up with Brexit itself, but with how it has been handled and manipulated by nefarious means by our elected representatives and their cohorts in the media, big business and the civil service.


We just want to leave and get through the tricky first year or two. We should prepare for the worst but not doing ourselves down to the extent that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. 




Some of the comments are bitter and angry that Her Majesty has not previously spoken up to protect our nation (I agree). She allowed the treaties of Maastrict (signed 1992) and Lisbon (signed 2007) to pass through Parliament without speaking out. These are the really significant treaties which remove power from the formerly independent nation states of Europe, handing it over to the EU.



After 65 years sitting on her throne, sorry fence, isn't it time Queenie got off the fence and supported British sovereignty?


Reply from JB: How disgraceful would it be for Her Majesty to take sides in any political dispute!  A politicised monarchy would not last!


To which AndyW responds:

It's not political, it's about the constitution and sovereignty, the very things that Queenie is supposed to protect.


Many Daily Telegraph readers agreed with AndyW and I do too. Her Majesty is our Head of State. She is here for that very purpose, in the final resort, to protect our State. Britain does not have a written constitution because our institutions (people rather than written documents) are supposed to, collectively, fulfil that role. But all our institutions have been hollowed out (via the terrible standards of education now, together with the machinations of Tony Blair) and the one remaining institution, our monarchy, has failed us. To an extent, she does still uphold our humanity - but we needed more from her. (In particular our soldiers needed more from her, but that is a topic for another day.)



AnjeK’s comment was also well supporters by the readers:


If the Queen truly wanted the country to come together she should talk of patriotism, working together as one to respect a referendum that put the United Kingdom before Brussels. She should talk about sovereignty in our land.


The politicians and the establishment have caused the divide for their own selfish reasons.

But as usual the Remainers will get let off the hook for their abuse of Leavers and their contempt of democracy - and we Leavers continue to be accused of creating the divide. 




The Government and the whole of Parliament is referred to as ‘Her Majesty’s’. The Queen does have the ultimate responsibility, on behalf of the people, for the actions of the Prime Minister and Parliament. It was a system that was strong for many centuries in its ability to evolve - but the combined attacks from the BBC, the Left, the Globalists and the EU have destroyed it.



I wonder if she will get around to mentioning the importance of the political class respecting democracy and implementing referenda decisions?


Perhaps she will quote John F Kennedy -


'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.'


Perhaps reminding the political class that avoiding open rebellion in the land would be a nice idea and the best way of doing that is by honouring democratic decisions.



There's been precious little peace and goodwill from Anna Soubry and other Remainers as they seek to block the result of the people's vote in favour of leaving the EU and sneer at those who want the result carried out.




Soubry was an utter disgrace, as usual, when confronted with protesters. She refused to engage, she accused them of being far right but took offence when they called her far left. She demanded a police escort, when in fact, as an elected representative of this realm she should be protecting the people of this country first and foremost so should have answered their questions.

But what else are we to expect of this woman (Anna Soubry) who accused this country of betraying the EU. She went on to Question Time (a BBC political show) accusing some of her own constituents of spitting at her - when in fact she had not visited them.

She has consistently called the 17.4m Leave voters “far right Nazis who didn’t know what they voted for.” ***

She needs deselecting and her constituents tried to do that - but CCHQ wrote to the Chairman of the local association ‘advising’ him to withdraw the request! The chairman then resigned in protest and Soubry remained in position. ***


The treachery of the Conservative Party knows no bounds.

*** A reminder that these are the views of AnjeK writing in the Daily Telegraph comments. We haven't been able to verify these allegations.



More about the Globalists, also from BSut:


Sorry Queenie you can’t merely ask people to respect one another - it doesn’t work like that.


You see these Globalist EUphiles are working to subvert the democratic process and to nullify the UK.

You can't put aside your differences with such people, with those who want to destroy us as a Sovereign people and as a democratic nation state. You might as well ask us to be polite to Bolsheviks or Nazis. You may not have what it takes to stand up and defend this nation and its people but you will see that there are plenty who will.




The above posts give you an idea of the anger in Britain over the betrayal of the referendum result. I have no idea what will happen if the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ gets through. When I ask readers if anger or apathy will dominate the answer is always “anger.” But I don’t know. The British people have left London, and they are tired and worn out with being endlessly accused and from having their lives and culture trashed, and this has been going on for decades now.