Rosie's Brexit Diary 27 Feb 2018

A Conservative Administration - Or Tony Blair in disguise?

My routine is set and my habits reassuring, as they need to be in today’s frightening world of ever-accelerating change and escalating problems. I make myself a large cup of tea, move through to the Family Room, switch on the computer and make myself comfortable on the settee, but I am anxious now and click onto the headlines of The Daily Telegraph with an urgent need to know if there is some new disaster or terrorist atrocity - and - phew, no, not today.


On the other hand, might Theresa May, in acknowledgement of her inadequacies for the role, have stepped down as Prime Minister? No - she is still there, and my breath escapes in a hiss of frustration.


Next I scan the news and politics sections:

Can I perceive any sign of improvement? of the national British government fulfilling any of the roles of a democratic national government - you know, the basics such as keeping us safe, keeping our children safe, protecting our assets, safeguarding our traditions and providing a national infrastructure, in particular, high speed broadband, still not available nationally for every citizen of Britain regardless of where they live, in rural as well as in urban areas? Via the internet, I can communicate with my friends in Colombia and Peru and other nations in South America more easily than I can with my friends in Scotland. This is absolutely crazy and it annoys me every single day.


Is the government displaying any sanity, competence or common sense? Is it acting upon the instructions of the British people to leave the EU? Taking any notice of the opinions of the bulk of the British people? - as usual it is No, No, No and No to every one of the questions.


It is supposed to be a Conservative administration but it might as well be Tony Blair in control for all the difference I can see.


I sigh as I recall the words of an elderly relative. A few months before the Referendum he told me why he will vote to Remain in the EU; because “this lot” (meaning Parliament) are useless and utterly incapable of running the nation. It was a fair comment and I could not disagree - but - if only being ruled by diktat from Brussels were any better! and my head spins as I contemplate the decades of Brussels’ misrule.


Just how has this been allowed to happen? I don’t know. It makes no sense, but I fear the present - I fear the future still more - and I sigh and fret in anxiety for our children. I could turn my back on my fears. I could switch off the computer and wash up, make the house nice and then watch some tennis. Even at this hour of the morning I could eat some chocolate or pour myself a glass of wine and numb my emotions - but I prefer to stay with it and to continue to feel my fears and my distress.


To stick my head in the sand would achieve nothing. I cannot and will not ignore it.


That is why I spend large parts of each day on the online comments pages of the Daily Telegraph, engaging with the national debate that continues there and wrestling with the urgent issues of today.


The government never read these comments, the Daily Telegraph moderators delete us, and the trolls do their utmost to manipulate our opinions and shut down the conversations - which merely proves just how important this debate is. And some of the journalists do read what we say.


And so I continue to do the only thing that I can, speak out and make my voice heard - online, that is, I don’t “speak” literally, only type with my fingers.