Brexit Diary
31 January 2020

Finally at 11.00pm tonight Britain leaves the EU

Finally at 11.00pm tonight Britain leaves the EU. The worst-case outlook, yet another extension, has been avoided, but after all this time and struggle I have no heart for celebration.


We just want to get on with our lives but there is so much still to worry about.


As well, Boris Johnson signed up to the Withdrawal Agreement – who knows why – why did he not just leave? Britain continues to take rules from the EU for another year (the ‘transition period’) and is under the European Court of Justice, and much more besides.


Worse, the decisions are coming through now.


5G is to be installed by Huawei

HS2 is to go ahead

The EU are to continue to take our fish and even the mega trawlers, so appallingly damaging to the seabed and ecosystem that Australia ban them from their seas, are to be allowed to continue.

A huge area of land in Rutland is to be turned into a new town; this ex-military land has been saved from the ravages of the Common Agricultural Policy and should be first in line for protection, for its beauty and for its ecology and history. Vast profits will be made by someone but we can safely assume that it won’t be the public purse that benefits.


PG comments on the HS2 situation:


I cannot get my head around the idea that HS2 is to be de facto decided by three or four cabinet ministers rather than a free vote in Parliament. Nor do I understand the BBC report that building only the southern part does not make sense. Who ever said it did? We want the whole thing scrapped, and its advocates named, shamed and excluded from public life for a while. Cross-Pennine railways instead.




Conservative candidates along the route of HS2 assured their constituents that the line would be scrapped, and apparently these candidates genuinely thought that it would.


Nobody knew what they were voting for at the last election. That’s why we supported the Brexit Party which had pledged to scrap HS2 and restore democracy in Britain.  HS2 destroys our land and communities and benefits nobody except for the super-rich elite and huge corporations. What happened to the public good and to public opinion? To accountability and democracy? HS2 was originally an EU plan and it divides England from North to South.  There is zero justification on any grounds, other than to place greater power, wealth and control in the hands of people who already have too much.  It should not be going ahead, but it is, and massive public opinion against it is powerless to stop it.