Rosie's Brexit Diary
4 December 2018 Part 1

The People's Fury

The campaign to avoid fulfilling the commitments that have been made by the Government to leave the EU continues with ever greater intensity. The anger felt by ordinary traditional Conservative Party voters is expressed through the online pages of the Daily Telegraph for day after day and all through the night as well. The sense of betrayal is wholly new, and the like of this has never before been seen in Britain.


There is an article today in The Daily Telegraph by William Hague, a former MP, former leader of the Conservative Party, who has now been given a seat in the House of Lords, entitled:                                                                                                     


Sorry Brexiteers, but Parliament doesn’t want No Deal, and MPs will kill it off



Rosie comments:

How does this man think that 17.4 million “Brexiteers” cannot have what they voted before because Parliament doesn’t want it. We voted OUT. We did not ask for or and do not want a deal with the EU.

The alternative to a “deal” is to trade under WTO (World Trade Organisation) arrangements.

Now - the majority of Britain’s trade is already conducted under WTO arrangements ... and the genuine disruption it would cause to shift the rest of our trade onto the same basis is minimal. Peter Lilley should know. He was involved in the establishment of the WTO and he also was involved in the establishment of the EU’s Single Market. Peter Lilley tells us that the inconvenience and risk of “No deal” is no greater than that of the ‘Millenium Bug’.


Readers’ comments:

20 hours later there are over 2700 comments from readers (plus the trolls) on this one article alone. Here are a few which illustrate the still rising levels of anger from commenters who I have been following for over two years now - and who I know to be sensible, intelligent and well able to debate issues - and who formerly were calm, though uneasy at what was unfolding and the growing signs that the democratic mandate to Leave the EU was being over-ridden.


RM 4 Dec 2018

FFS Willie Hague. You have been droning on long and hard and for too long in order to further the corrupt Remainer case in order to defeat the result of the referendum.


I'll try to make it as simple as possible for even half-wits like you to understand.




Now do you get it? Surely that's simple enough to understand?


MW 4 Dec 2018

Can William Hague please explain why people who do not believe in or accept democracy are taking money to sit in parliament. I realise that the salary, pension, contacts and influence are valuable, but are there really that many people with such base motives?


Whatever side one was on before the referendum the antics of these people is anti democratic to the point of destroying our country.


PS 4 Dec


So essentially you petulant moronic man child William you are saying that Parliament, the Tories and Labour will conspire to stop Brexit and a mandate in both a referendum and a general election (both parties committed to leaving both the customs union and the single market). If this is the case why should members of the public remain law abiding citizens other than the threat of police arrest. These childish antics you are playing with are playing with fire. The civil war started for less than what you are stating above.

One thing is for certain William, I personally will never vote for the Tories ever again. If that means me seeing a Labour government win under Corbyn so be it. I'll vote with my conscious now or not at all.

To hell with you duplicit Tories - you will end up causing a civil war. If you were going to ignore a referendum and a general election then why the hell let people vote in the first place you ignorant moron of an excuse for a man. To say I'm angry would be an understatement. If you hope that people like me will hold our noses and vote for the Tories so we don't get a Corbyn Labour are sadly deluded.


AT 4 Dec 2018

Sorry Parliament, but the electorate wants democracy, and if we don't get it, we'll kill Parliament off.


AL 4 Dec 2018

Keep saying things like that, Willy old chum, and you will have 17.4 million people out in the streets. We, the people, decided to leave the EU, and we will leave the EU, and if that means replacing all the useless oafs in parliament, we will.


AT 4 Dec 2018

And there we have it:

 "Sorry, electorate, but we don't give a damn what you want.  What do you think this is, a democracy?  We have our globalist paymasters work to do!"

The vast majority of Remainers are useful fools of the globalist establishment.  It’s the ones in Parliament that are the problem.


BD 4 Dec 2018

You are aware Hague, that if what you predict comes to pass, it will be the end of the Tory Party?

The philosophy that underpins most activist Tory members, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty will be shattered by the Lair May/Oily's Faustian pact with the Gormless anti-democratic Grieve.

That you should support it beggars belief.




Here, to give you a greater insight into the division and incandescent fury boiling over in Britain, are two comments from today in The Guardian newspaper’s online comments. The anger directed at the Conservative Party is similar but the reasons given are completely different:



Rees-Mogg is nationalist and fascist! Don't believe me?

Compare what he says and he stands for with what Hitler and his party did late 20's early 30's

Exactly the same rhetoric!

How can all the Conservatives MPs stand by all this right wing crap? Nationalism should be banned.



How could this Tory government and this PM be allowed to harm us as a nation?


How could this Tory government and this PM be allowed to hijack our destiny, let alone talk down to us?


How could this Tory government and this PM be allowed to impoverish us for decades to come under the flimsiest pretext of "controlling immigration"?


We are in the EU and, I repeat, we will remain in the EU. These Tory Brexit minions will be relegated to the darkest history of the country.


Common sense will prevail. A costly exercise of billions of Pounds so far wasted, that the Tories and their donors/cronies and supporters must be forced to reimburse the nation.