Rosie's Brexit Diary
4 December 2018 Part 2
Contempt of Parliament!

Yesterday the Attorney General attended Parliament and was grilled by MPs for two hours. He refused to release the full text of the legal advice on the Withdrawal Agreement claiming that to do so is “against public interest” and that MPs should ‘trust him’.


What is the Attorney General? Quoting Wikipedia “Her Majesty's Attorney General for England and Wales, usually known simply as the Attorney General, is one of the Law Officers of the Crown. The Attorney General serves as the chief legal adviser to the Crown and the Government in England and Wales. “ Currently the post is held by Geoffrey Cox, barrister.


This morning many political parties demanded a debate on whether Geoffrey Cox and other ministers are in contempt of Parliament by failing to publish "full and final" legal advice about the Brexit debate.


Contempt of Parliament (from Wikipedia - with thanks) is the offence of obstructing the legislature in the carrying out of its functions, or of hindering any legislator in the performance of his or her duties. The offence is known by various other names in jurisdictions in which the legislature is not called "parliament". Actions that may constitute contempt of parliament include:


deliberately misleading a house of the legislature, or a legislative committee;

refusing to testify before, or to produce documents to, a house or committee; and

attempting to influence a member of the legislature by bribery or threats.


On December 4, 2018, the UK Government was found in contempt of Parliament for the first time in history




As reported by The Daily Telegraph:


Ministers have been found in contempt of Parliament by MPs as the Government bowed to pressure and agreed to publish its full Brexit legal advice.


The House of Commons voted by 311 to 293 to demand that the Government immediately publish the advice on the Brexit deal as a damaging constitutional crisis between Parliament and the executive reached its crescendo.


Andrea Leadsom, the Commons Leader, moved swiftly after the vote to tell MPs that the Government would cave in and publish the "final and full" legal advice tomorrow.




One reader comment, expressing typical opinions and sentiment:


JW 4 Dec 2018

May gives away everything to the EU, and will not give an inch to parliament.

That is all MPs need to know about Theresa May's Withdrawal bill, it is a sell out and a betrayal.

No member of Parliament who is proud of our country could give way control  to a foreign power in the Way that Theresa May is advocating.

Any MP who votes for this betrayal will be publicly called out as a traitor and will face the wrath of voters at the coming General election!!!

May is a Globalist, she is not acting on behalf of the country, she is acting on behalf f the EU.



This article is especially well written and provides a historical perspective on the political crisis that we face:


May's Brexit deal is a betrayal of Britain

By Mervin King (former Governor of the Bank of England)

4 DECEMBER 2018 • 3:44PM