Rosie's Brexit Diary
7 December 2018

Our nations - are they normal? or "extreme right wing"?

About 18 months ago I first came across the opinion that the nation state is old hat and out-moded as a concept. This opinion was voiced by a troll on the Daily Telegraph comments pages. I was surprised. Organisations and ideologies that have not respected the boundaries of the nation state include the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and (though the history is far more complex) the various empires assembled by the European nations of the 16th - 20th centuries. Put simply, when an organisation or a nation stops respecting the borders of other nations - this usually entails war, invasion and much suffering.


By “nation-state” I refer to the countries of the world such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Venezuela and a host of others. A nation-state governs itself and its laws apply within its borders. One would have thought that the idea of living within an independent nation state would be uncontroversial - but no longer.


In the space of 18 months, that opinion expressed by the troll and which had then seemed so outlandish to me, has become the norm, the accepted MSM (mainstream media) position. Now, if you voice support for the nation state, will find you condemned as a “far right wing extremist”. That is how somebody somewhere, who ever it is that funds these trolls, manipulate public opinion - by swamping the media with the exact same ‘opinions’, by labelling ordinary positions as “extreme”, and by changing the meaning of the words that we use to communicate with one another.


The critical point being, of course, that the EU does not respect national boundaries. And since all the rhetoric and propaganda is in support of the EU, boundaries must therefore be declared to be bad.


The pro-EU propaganda always condemns its opponents as being “right wing” but, oddly, I never hear the EU itself described as left-wing - which of course it is, being a centrally planned economy with a large and powerful state apparatus and no respect for national borders.


The Nazis too were hard left and not far right. It was central control, no national borders and the gulag-cum-concentration-camp for anyone who either disagreed with the state or who was declared an enemy of the state - both the Nazis and the Soviets condemned whole populations to death. The Soviet system murdered many more people -  it lasted longer and had more time to effect genocide.


The “Z” in Nazi stands for sozialistische, and, if you want to find anti-Semitism in Britain today, the hard left Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn is the place to go.

And so, irony on ironies, today those of us who oppose supra-national organisations and who oppose the unification of Europe (which, of course,  was exactly what Hitler was trying to achieve) are the ones being called “Nazis”; we who are the children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren  of those who actually fought and defeated the real historical Nazis. We are called “right wing extremists” - also as a euphemism for “Nazi” - when the real historical Nazis were left and not right wing.



Daily Telegraph headline on 2 December


Spain reels as far-Right Vox party storms into Andalucian parliament


What would you imagine from that headline? It sounds as if there were men in balaclavas with machine guns bursting into Parliament and throwing out the elected representatives - surely nothing less than a full-scale paramilitary coup would justify such a headline!


No. All that happened was that a new party won some seats in local elections in Andalucia,  12 out of 109 seats with 11 per cent of the vote.


“Vox was the party that led the political debate,” said the party’s secretary general, Javier Ortega.“We put on the table the need to control our borders and end illegal immigration, end abusive levels of taxation and the need to put an end to ideological laws relating to gender.”



The issues are so important that I have brought over a lot of  comments from Daily Telegraph readers



“Spain reels as far-Right Vox party storms into Andalucian parliament”

...or  "party that stands up for traditional values and which supports the indigenous population and their way of life, enters Spanish provincial parliament"



I am genuinely confused about what the media mean by Far Right. Traditionally right of centre  policy (what used to be the Conservative Party political position) was defined by the rights and personal freedom of the individual over the collective and interference of the state, low taxation, support of capitalism and personal wealth creation. Are Vox promoting an ideology based on an extreme of these policies?



So now rejecting anything that is illegal activity and rejecting unbearable taxation is considered Far Right? The MSM have truly lost their collective minds. Good grief. What frightening days we live in.



Why is a desire to protect and preserve a traditional and usually hallowed national culture and identity labelled far-right? Isn't that what all nationalities want to do? Why is a desire to halt immigration at rates and weights that clearly threaten to topple national cultures considered far-right? Is this not the employment of simple common sense?


Most people I meet, including the immigrants themselves, want to live in culturally familiar and comforting coherent societies. They don't want to live in melting pots of unknown and continuously varying composition. People want familiarity, stability and coherence. This to me is not far-right. It is the natural way of things.



People all over Europe are crying out for proper border control, lower taxation and an end to divisive identity politics. In response, the leaders of most EU countries just stick their fingers in their ears and bemoan ‘populism’. Idiots.



Odd is it not, that all those people labelled by the lefty liberalists as "far right", are usually working parents, home owners, tax payers, and without a record at the police station.


If you are are against illegal immigration and leftist ideology you are labelled as far right, we see it in Poland, Hungary, Italy, US, the UK with UKIP and now Spain. It is not far right to want to protect your borders, society and culture. It is what any responsible party or government should be doing.



I’ve read Vox manifesto and talked to them in the street. They are normal citizens concerned that their sovereignty and country and culture are being eroded by the real extremists we know as globalists.



"and the expulsion of all immigrants who entered Spain illegally" - How the hell is that "Far Right"? In the real world we call that "Sane"



not sure how being opposed to immigration automatically makes you far right and by presumption racist. We are getting a positively Orwellian change in language these days.



hey, they also want to implement existing law and shrink the state. They are literally Hitler.(Sarcasm!)



You can smear these groups all you like, but they are not "Far-Right" they are just ordinary people who want their countries and way of life back.


They don't want to rampage across Europe, like the Germans and the French have tried in centuries past.  They don't want to put people in gas chambers and bury them in mass graves.  They just want to live peacefully, largely on their own, without being ruled by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels who take the money and give nothing in return but regulation.


At some point you journalists will have to start reporting honestly.  Won't you?


AL: I fail to see how a party who stood on a platform to remove illegal immigrants as far right! Europe's political elite have encouraged mass migration across the continent without asking its own citizens. Anyone that has raised valid concerns about the level of migration have been demonized and labelled racist. People have become sick of it all.



The EU and its direction of travel is facing rebellion all over Europe. The more authority centralises, the more the people feel disenfranchised



Playing the race card, using far- and extreme-, smear after smear, and often  blaming the right for incidents that have nothing to do with them, are all part of the propaganda tool  used by much of Europe's media.