Rosie's Brexit Diary
8 December 2018 Part 1

Our basic freedom and democracy is at stake

Our basic freedom and democracy is at stake


A comment from PF:


"Are the Great British People aware of the significance of the present time?


This isn't just about Brexit but the freedoms that our ancestors have fought and died for over centuries. It is the will of the British people against a shadowy power run by the mega rich and their unelected servants in Brussels/Strasbourg. These are historic times and have a Churchillian importance... the loss of sovereignty, the loss of our courts, the loss of our fishing grounds but most importantly the loss of our voice.


We are fighting for our children and their children to know that when they vote they will be listened to.


Nothing less than our basic freedom is at risk."


Do what you can. Write to the Queen and write to your MP                                                                                              

Comment from STG:

I hope you have all written to your MPs informing them of your contempt.


None of this British reserve stuff. Give it to them straight.


‘I have voted Conservative* all my adult life. I now see it as my mission to make sure that no Conservative* ever again holds office in this constituency. I have already swung X number people behind this view’


* Insert the party of your sitting MP


Friends overseas:

Please write to your newspapers and your democratic representatives. Talk to your friends. Britain is on the cusp of being shackled to the EU forever, which would be the end of democracy. We are about to leave the free world and this matters to you also. 


Strong stuff in here disguised by humour