Rosie's Brexit Diary
9 January 2019

Very dirty tricks from the Remain side

After The Queen appealed for respectful dialogue during her Christmas Message, various people spoke up to agree with her.

Leaver-supporting journalists at the Daily Telegraph wrote about the need for all Leaver supporters to behave well, all very polite and well-meaning. Charles Moore for example wrote:

So let us suppose that the Queen’s sentence quoted above is indeed relevant to our quarrels about Brexit. How might it be applied to the coming clash in 2019?

If either side tries to examine its own conscience, how is it doing? Do Leavers fail to treat Remainers with respect? Does a Remainer not see a Leaver as ‘a fellow human being’? Being a Leaver myself, I propose to apply the Queen’s strictures only to my own side, since any criticism of the other might look self-serving.

While Remainers wrote and talked and agitated about the terrible behaviour of Leavers. By now, such is the overwhelming bias of the BBC and other TV stations, Leavers don’t get to speak on TV or radio.

Many Daily Telegraph readers were not impressed. We are tired of attempting to be fair with people who are determined to overrule democracy. Plus we all think that the vast bulk of the bad mouthing and bad behaviour comes from the Remainers and Liberalists. My friends in the USA say the same thing - that while the conservatives are open to mutual respect and friendliness despite differences in opinions and political persuasion, the Liberalists are not.

As AafK says:

Ref bad behaviour in the EU debate: the problems started when one side (the EU-lovers) chose to label the other as thick and racist, xenophobic, or too old to have a legitimate view...




Anna Soubry and her associates are still making a fuss about the incident when she was accosted by a Yellow Vest which I wrote about on 22 December (click here). She expects the Police to arrest him for hate speech. MPs have written to the Police asking for arrests. More rough behaviour is described here:

But ..... it turns out that at least one of the people who appears to be harassing her is an associate of hers. You can see the guy clearly on the second of the video links on that Daily Telegraph item at 52 seconds. I doubt if any of the noisy crowd chanting “Nazi” are genuine protestors - they all look like play-actors to me - and genuine Leavers do not behave like this (I have met many - ref previous diaries)  Here are two further videos


Conversation on the DT threads:


Something not quite right here.  I looked at the link, which is actually still online, and it is clearly apparent that the 'supposed thug', does actually put something into the pocket of the man walking with Soubry.  After putting whatever into pocket, he jumps back and starts to hassle Soubry, who throughout the whole episode looks relaxed and amused! 

Things are not what they appear to be. March 29th looms large and I believe everything bar the kitchen sink will be thrown in order to stop Brexit..


I watched that, something is definitely passed.

Very odd behaviour from a Security Guard who allows the offender to thrust his right hand under the Guard’s arm.

In normal circumstances I would expect the Guard to act defensively, because in the situation, the offender might well have a knife concealed; instead the Guard behaved as if the offender was invisible, until the last second when they acknowledge each other. Very very weird.




The thugs who assaulted Anna Soubry have been identified as associates of Tommylini, need I say more?


Reply from MaS:

Did they actually assault her?  Anna Soubry has made herself deeply offensive by her loud mouthiness against Brexit and the electorate.



Of course she wasn’t assaulted, but “assault” sounds so much better. We must never let the Facts spoil a sense of self righteousness (sarcasm). Anna Soubry has only herself to blame, with her verbal abuse of Nigel Farage using barrack room language, she lost all sense of self respect, and so leaves herself open for some of the same. From the Video I’d say the whole thing was a set up. 


damask rose (replying to TrollY above):

I don’t understand ‘Tommylini,’ but it sounds derogatory.

Tommy Robinson does not advocate violence (or ‘thuggery’) in any form - he appeals for restraint, calm & cooperation at every opportunity.

His involvement with UKIP is out of respect for democratic politics.

He seeks debate and the democratic method.

If you have evidence for anything else, please present it. 




Anna Soubry's supercilious tone on yesterday's interviews. Oh the hypocrisy from politicians and journalists alike, who now demand special protection from criticism in one sentence, then blatantly and openly throw more slurs towards other groups and people the next.

Shows why we need more democratic and peaceful public demonstrations and vehement questioning of those people and groups who purport to manage and lead the country, and claim to speak publicly on behalf of others.

And BBC news interviewed the CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation. Slurs by association.


Before anyone blows off over Jo Cox - read up on it and then tell me it was over Brexit (it wasn’t). Total smoke screen by the MSM.



Nothing new on the harassment and name calling of politicians. We all know how Nigel Farage has been treated over the years by Hope Not Hate (such a joke in one name). Rees-Mogg and Johnson. In fact anyone who opposes the liberal view of the world.


Here is a UKIP Candidate facing some pretty fierce abuse. But no demand of police to investigate and bring the full force of the law.







Soubry’s such a spoilt wee lamb

Chucking Teddy from her pram

Her bleating on is ne’er constructive

Merely chippy and destructive

So what’s her plan to fix our future?

We’re needing more than one wee suture

To stitch the wounds she’s cut so deep

For whining like a dafty sheep

Will just increase the pain she stirs

We need something more than slurs

For so far all we’ve heard to date

Is her desire to agitate

With all her moans and blubbing cries

And venal propaganda lies

Her po-faced hissy-fitting jeer

Her petulant intolerant sneer

So high time now to cease her blow

Resign at once: for God’s sake go!!





An agent provocateur in their midst? I wouldn't put it past remainers.



They do it all the time. The Times organised a group of fake-Leavers to stand in front of Parliament doing Nazi salutes and put it on their front page.


There are a lot of fake-Leavers causing trouble - you can go along to the Leave demos outside Parliament and ask them about fake leavers.



The Mail on Sunday, under its pro-EU editor Geordie Grieg, shortly before the referendum, ran a front page insinuating that Vote Leave had senior members of the EDL close to its management. The paper had 'obtained' photographs of known members of EDL who had managed to have the pictures taken, alongside innocent VL activists, at Vote Leave's high street stalls during the campaign. 



Standard tactic now from The Daily Mail, since Geordie Grieg took over there as well, for them to display photographs of people (Leavers) using their mobile phones and claim they are doing Nazi salutes.





We all deplore the tactics of UKIP extremists led by Tommylini and Batten, but the EU Referendum has unleashed the hounds and they are barking and biting at the heels of our democracy.  The problem is that with less than 5% of a winning margin the result has no real legitimacy for a decision that, unlike other referendum proposals is irreversible.  We therefore leave the EU as a divided country, with no hope that divisions can be healed, with the prospect that the UK will cease to exist in its present form in ten years time but that the English nationalists behind this farce don't care anyway.  As for the prosperity we have enjoyed, and those left behind in Thatcher's revolution of selfishness and greed, well we will adapt and survive, but it may be 10 or 20 years before the economy stabilizes, maybe even grows, and in the meantime we will all suffer because of the most stupid and undemocratic decision we never needed even to make.  Bitterness is without doubt the taste of Brexit for half the country, we can but hope that Tommylini and his fascist mates have less success trashing our democracy or we will really see thuggishness become extensive and destructive. 


Damask rose replies:

You use the words ‘fascist’ & ‘thuggery’ as if these opinions of yours were objectively established facts. By doing so, you contribute more divisiveness & more Fear.



The fatal flaw in your argument is that we remain a divided country if we stay, despite the vote. Leave we voted and leave we must.


The Constituency count was a big margin of 66% in favour of Brexit ... 2 to 1. The London affect caused the small head count difference, but still in favour of Brexit. The Constituency Count is how a GE is run.


While I agree with some of your comment, it is disingenuous to suggest a 5% winning margin has no real legitimacy. Does that mean any MP elected with only a 5% winning margin aren't legitimate MPs? or any Government elected with a small winning margin also isn't legitimate? We were told it was a simple binary choice: in/out the EU. Out won. so...



Brexit is by no means irreversible. If a party is elected to government on a manfesto that says 'we will rejoin' then so be it. I can't see it happening in my lifetime.


However, a vote was taken, and a clear result emerged. The gov't said that the result would be honoured, and furthermore, at the ensuing GE, 80%+ of votes cast were for parties whose manifestos stated that the result would be implemented - i.e. LEAVE.




When I paid a visit to the Remainers' demonstration outside Parliament, I was in a particularly calm mood, and asked questions in a very gentle tone. In reply they called me a "Neo-Nazi" multiple times and spat in my face.

If you go there and ask around at the Leavers' demos, you will find plenty of people saying the same thing having had similar experiences.


JT: Spitting in your face would be assault.

RL: Yes, what should I have done about it? Or could I have done? Others have had the same experience.


AAFK:  Spitting in the face is a battery contrary to section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, maximum sentence 6 months imprisonment.


RL: Right. I am not sure if I can face these people again. If I do and there is a repeat I will go and find a policeman.


AG: Appalling!  Did you not report it to the police? What if the spit contained unmentionable viruses like HIV?


RL: No I did not. It was dark and I was frightened and I was too shaken to think straight.  All I tried to do was allow my skin to dry in the air and hope that any disgusting diseases died.


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Preview YouTube video Lewisham East Hustings - UKIP Heckled by Far-Left Mob


Lewisham East Hustings - UKIP Heckled by Far-Left Mob