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So there will be an EU army after all ....

The idea that the EU will have its own army was flatly denied by the Remain Campaign in the run up to the Referendum.


But now, within the last few days, both Emmanuel Macron (President of France) and Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) have renewed calls for an EU army.


This is what I wrote to a friend of mine who is an ardent Remainer:

Surely surely you can open your eyes, my friend, and see where this is leading? Who are the two countries which have repeatedly initiated major wars in Europe repeatedly over the last 200 plus years? And you are happy to see these nations in control of a European wide army? At the very least exercise some caution! What could possess you to imagine that the horrors of the 20th century have miraculously stopped merely because a few years have passed? The anti Trump rhetoric is endless and makes zero sense except in the context of old warlike nations gearing themselves up for war again. And this time without a powerful Britain to stop them, still worse, a Britain that is subsumed into them. What more evidence do you need? Instead of blind faith, open your eyes and your ears.                   

In reply, I received an admission that an EU army is being “mooted” (i.e. an idea which is tossed around). I said this next:

The EU army is being more than mooted. It is being assembled. This despite the Remain campaign flatly denying it. So the people who did not know what they were voting for were the Remainers, not the Leavers.


Napoleon, WW1, WW2. Please explain why you feel no fear at the concept of a France/Germany army without a strong Britain to stop their aspirations as happened on each of these previous occasions (and more).

Donald Trump told the rest of NATO to pay their share. This is completely different to what the EU/Remainers are doing now, which is specifically to portray America as a potential military enemy.

Meanwhile: What has Theresa May been doing in the period since the people of Britain voted to Leave? It appears that she has been signing agreements to include the British armed forces within the EU army. How can she have the power to do this? I have asked the question but have not yet found an answer. I had thought that we live in a Parliamentary Democracy, not under a dictatorship.


A question of equal importance: Why is the public not being told about this, loudly and clearly? I catch the odd article but there is very little in the newspapers.

21 November We learn that Britain will send more troops to Ukraine


Now - this is part of an EU exercise and NOT part of a NATO exercise. So it proves that, like it or not, Britain is now acting in compliance with EU military strategies. I thought that our troops are supposed to act in loyalty to Her Majesty on behalf of us all - not at the behest of foreign leaders. Whoever gave permission for that to change, it was not us, the citizens of Britain.





Find out more about the Ukraine


For a good introduction read this:



But the expansionist impulses of the EU extended further to the Ukraine, which Russia regarded as being in a different category to other Eastern or Central European post-Soviet states which had joined the European Union as well as Nato, the western military alliance.


Ukraine has a large Russian-speaking population, and was the cradle of Mother Russia.


Until 1991, it and Russia were part of the same country, the Soviet Union.


Any attempt to absorb Ukraine into the EU was bound to be fraught with great dangers even if undertaken with enormous diplomatic skill.


There is also a chapter in Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall about Russia and the significance of the Ukraine which is very well-written, calm, factual and informative.


Here is a one minute video debate about the Eastward expansion of the EU

And the horrifying historical significance of Cameron’s words: Just like Hitler famously said he wanted a "Europa" from the western sea board to the Ural mountains. Which demonstrates (among many other things) the danger of ignorance. David Cameron and the other British Government officials should have known enough European history to know where those words and that desire came from in the first place.


They also should have known where the Ural Mountains are before opening their mouths: the Ural Mountains run down Russia from north to south and basically divide that country into two parts - and they are to the East of Moscow, 850 miles East (1400 Km). Look at this map here and see for yourself the lunacy of this statement, and then ask if the warmonger is David Cameron and the EU or if it is Vladimir Putin.


More commentary from Cambridge University-based academics, Briefings for Brexit


Written by PC March 2018


The technocratic thoughtlessness and geopolitical naivety of the EU have brought antagonism, war and strategic rivalry back to Europe.

Written by PT February 2018


One of the strongest claims made for the European Union (EU) is that it has helped bring peace to Europe following the devastating wars of the last century. As part of this peace project, so the story goes, the EU has succeeded in reunifying the continent, integrating the states of the former Eastern bloc and thereby overcoming old Cold War divisions. The goal of continental peace stretches back to the earliest incarnation of the organisation, in the form of the European Coal and Steel Community, which sought to overcome Franco German conflict by integrating those national industries most directly associated with twentieth century total war.


There is plenty that could be queried about this popular myth of the EU as peacemaker, but whatever credibility the EU could have claimed as peacemaker in the past has been shot to pieces over the last decade.   



A comment from The Bruges Group site:


An empire is simply a multinational state, or collection of states which constitutionally defer to a supranational authority. This makes the EU an empire. The EU's claim to all the territory "stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals" demonstrates the arrogance, megalomania and hubris of the European Empire. This is not a force for peace, this is a generator of war.

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