We voted Leave

and we are not ignorant, we are not stupid and we are not racist either.

Beauty and the Beastly Truth supports the British people’s decision of 23 June 2016 to leave the EU.


Rosie writes:


Now - I am not ignorant, stupid, racist nor anything else of similar meaning. I know that and so too does everyone who knows me. What’s more, I know a good number of people who support Leave and not a single one of them is ignorant or stupid or racist.


The biggest and most damaging accusation thrown at Leave supporters is that they are “racist”.


This is nothing more than a term of abuse.


The accusation is not true, and we need to be confident, to stay strong, and counter it whenever we can. The difficulty we face is that those who call us ‘racist’ have the power - not truth, but power.


So - let’s take a closer look -


Because the British people can fairly lay claim to being the only non-racist population group on this planet. Why? Let me explain.


I am myself a member of the indigenous British population. I am mostly English plus part Scottish. What does “English” mean here? Well, half of my genetic heritage comes from Eastern England which means that it is a good proportion of Viking (mixed with Celtic and Anglo-Saxon, together with Norman, Huguenot and doubtless also Welsh and traces of Roman and many other contributions) and half of my genetic inheritance comes from the West of England and is therefore a large proportion of Anglo-Saxon (mixed with Celtic and all the other groups above-mentioned.)


Being an island, Britain has a very long-established indigenous population, and we also have very long lines of written records to prove it. But there is no sense of racial purity, hence the wide variety in hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and bone structure to be seen among the population.


Because this is the critical point - the British people have always been happy to accept newcomers into their number, not because of their genetic background, not by birth, but by adoption. For the British people have always preferred procreation to segregation. This preference is most unusual. Usually when groups of newcomers arrive among a settled population they remain separate and often segregated.


But here in Britain, over the centuries, newcomers have arrived, have settled down and have adopted the language, customs and values of Britain, have intermarried, and before long nobody remembers or cares that they were once immigrants. This is not ‘racist’. This is the opposite of ‘racist’.


And yet in today’s world of strident voices the British people are blamed for being racist. The accusation goes on and on and on. We can say nothing about the political situation in Britain nor the changes to our land without this accusation and condemnation.


However - at the same time we are also being told that we do not exist. We are told that there is no genetic stability here in Britain and that there is no indigenous population - on the basis that past immigrations to this land have turned us into generalised mongrels. We are told that we are nothing more than “White Northern European” and with no distinctive society or culture of our own.


Those who scream at us are trying to have it both ways. We cannot on the one hand be racists - and on the other hand, not exist.


As ever, being British, we have found a practical middle way, where newcomers have been made welcome and have added to the richness of our lives - while at the same time we have persisted as a coherent people and culture. Like every other human society on this planet we are not perfect and never have been and never will be. But “racist” we are not.


Today, in 2018, we British people are still here. But since we are being told that we do not exist we naturally now fear for that very existence - for our British culture, traditions, values, society and identity. Are we being rubbed out? Erased from the history books?


These existential fears haunt our days.


".... What a relief it was to see also that I was not in the company of Racist Xenophobes, not Thugs, not Nazis. This part was not a surprise at all but further confirmation of my personal experience 25 years living in the UK. I am a Turkish Cypriot, majority of my family consider themselves Muslims. I lived in London (North East London, highly multi-cultural) for 12 years and now in the South West (very white English part of the country). I have never to this day experienced racism nor exclusion nor discrimination from English people. In fact always exactly the opposite; I experienced welcome, an interest in my background and culture, generosity of sharing of information, respect and encouragement. Hence why I have grown up to be an individual with a deep love, respect and above all GRATITUDE for the people of Britain."  Evren​