But what can I do?

1   Live out the British lifestyle with enthusiasm. Follow our traditions and our customs. Keep them alive and encourage others.  Pass them on to younger generations and to all recent arrivals who wish to join in. Basic human interactions, friendliness and good manners.

And do this:

There is one person who has the power to stop a lot of this, with a single word, and she lives in London. Be ultra-polite, follow all the protocols and write to our Queen. Tell her that her people look to her to restore to them their nation, their democracy and their freedom.


2   Resist change. In all areas (except, of course, things you actively want and choose for yourself).


     Protect your local areas and DO be a NIMBY !


3   Try to right the wrongs.


4   Join the daily protests:

     11am every day from Monday 3 December.

     Venue is the statue of George V on Abingdon Street, in front of the Houses of Parliament.


5     Complain - and keep complaining to your MP


6      Speak


        Speak out. Use your freedom of speech or lose it.