Campaign Diary
12 December 2019

Election Day

Billed as one of the most important General Elections ever! And with good reason, despite the cynical and manipulative and downright dishonest nature of the campaign. Not one of the major media outlets is an honest broker but all are campaigning themselves for one outcome or another.

The possible outcomes are down to three:

A Conservative Majority

A Labour Majority

A hung Parliament

There is a strong sense that there are unseen forces acting behind the scenes. Some we know about, some we don’t. The readers sense it but the media carry on pretending that nothing is amiss.

Right now, our greatest fear is that Labour will win this General Election - and our greatest hope is that the Conservatives will win; just to be clear, the ‘least bad’ is a win from the party of John Major and Theresa May, of Brexit Blocking and a manifesto they did not even try to fulfil, and soft left policies where nobody can perceive anything that the Conservatives conserve, other than themselves - and this is what every sensible person in the land is praying for......


In June 2016 Britain voted to Leave the EU, a clean leave, lock stock and barrel. It was all spelled out and perfectly clear. We still are not out. The Conservative Party was elected to power in 2017 on the basis of a clear manifesto commitment to honour that referendum result. It welched on that commitment. There was a legal challenge and the court (conveniently) found that political parties cannot be held to their manifesto. What a situation! What sort of democracy is that? - clearly a highly degraded one.


The ‘unseen forces’ appear to want two things, (1) the destruction of The Brexit Party and (2) a hung Parliament, one with no clear majority. Of course, the weaker the Prime Minister, the more easy it is for covert forces to achieve their own ends. A hung Parliament in itself produces chaos and disorder.


In November a new magazine was launched called ‘The Critic’. This might sound like the title of a cosy arts magazine but it has higher aims; to criticise the opinions that govern Britain and to expose those unseen forces to the light of scrutiny. The introduction to Issue 1 speaks of social failure, self-censorship and state-policed opinions; yet even this is written with coded references and expresses meaning via sarcasm, such are we in Britain reduced to in order to even begin to say what needs to be said.  Let’s hope that the editors and funders of this new venture will be bold and forthright. Here’s the link, and I do recommend it, at least for now




Right now lots of people are very nervous that we could be waking up to a hard left Labour Government, with a supporter of terrorism as PM and his deputy (McDonnell) a self-stated Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist; on top of the economic destruction this is exactly the ideology that led to Stalinism, state purges, the Gulags and the Holodomor. Nobody is explaining that, either in the universities or in the media. I don’t know why not.


Looking on the funny side, this doing the rounds on Facebook:


It's that magical time of year when young people believe in a benevolent grey-bearded old man who will bring them lots of free gifts...


meanwhile the rest of us are voting Conservative.




Back in the real world of gnawing worry and keeping-us-awake-at-night fear - people truly are worried, for example ID says:


This is where this country has descended to and the broadcasting media, led by the BBC and ably assisted by Sky and Channel 4 are complicit in this sorry situation. 

The average voter turnout in the past five general elections was 64% and the electorate totals approximately 46 million. The Labour party is standing at around 30% in the opinion polls. Thus, I calculate that there are around 9 million people who are quite happy to support an extreme left wing Marxist government, which is antisemitic, anti democratic, in their disrespect of the EU referendum result and whose leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a supporter of terrorists. Historically, he has been far happier rubbing shoulders with members of the IRA, Hamas or Hezbollah, than taking tea with the monarch.  To coin a phrase from a previous election, if Jeremy Corbyn gets anywhere near the levers of power this Friday,  will the last person to leave the country kindly turn off the lights.


More on BBC propaganda, in music, sport, everything, aafk says:

The BBC has politicised everything. Anti Conservative and anti Brexit messages have been allowed to enter all sorts of sporting and cultural programmes that have nothing to do with politics. Football is a case in point. More than once I have had to switch off a commentary or phone in because one of the presenters has said something offensive. It's done deliberately; a drip drip propaganda.



From GD:

The BBC were a very successful force in blocking the result of the Brexit referendum which has led to today's election.


They now see themselves as Election Influencers who can help to install a Marxist government in the UK and disparage the conservatives with a small c and a big C at every opportunity.


The BBC are the enemy.


Hope from MC:

We weren't taken in by the MSM propaganda during the EU referendum, let's hope the same happens today.




Concern about electoral fraud. In the 2017 election, students were boasting on social media of multiple voting. In 2015, ballot boxes disappeared for several hours from Thanet South where Nigel Farage was standing.  The notorious weaknesses in the postal voting system.  The crazy constituency boundaries that favour Labour. And nothing done about any of these problems.


LP says:

I'm frightened too because the is so much at stake.... freedom from the EU ...democracy , and even the human decency of tolerance and mutual respect.

I'm also afraid of electoral fraud. Many on the extreme left are fanatics who will try to get their way by 'any means necessary'. 


CT is close to despair, as are many:


Good luck to everyone hoping against hope that democracy is still alive and might yet be restored to life in Blighty, in spite of Bercow's coup, the BBC, the Guardian and forty years of fraud, falsification and faithless, lying usurpation of democratic powers from common people by the BBC et al.

All designed to kill it off by stealth, to poison the minds of those born into BBC fakery so against reason truth and the history of human freedom, which they now seem to think is over, so that they actually broadcast the fearfilled ignorant ramblings of an uneducated sixteen years old mentally deficient school child [Greta Thunberg] which they represent as an absolute Oracle spouting received gospel truths.

For, we must accept, such is their goddess of nameless fear, whose words cannot be questioned and must be unthinkingly accepted as taking precedence over all world governments...

l really could not believe my ears yesterday as they broadcast that moronic, doomladen panic mongering speech of unjustified cod science and quasi religious cant as if I were quite as mad as she, which is what they evidently believe the British people to be.

So, goodluck , Blighty, hope is not yet dead, we have one last hope, one possibly final democratic vote to cast. ... the words and air of doom conjured up by Paul Simon's song about the mother and child reunion seem to echo through the ether...

can the ‘Mother of Modern Democracy’ be reunited with her children or shall the BBC-EU corruption of despotic cod democracy ultimately prevail ...


“I would not give you false hope, on this strange and mournful day,” sang Mr Simon, I always wondered what he meant by it ...and now, that day is come...

No, I would not give you false hope

On this strange and mournful day

But the mother and child reunion

Is only a motion away

Oh, little darling of mine

I can't for the life of me

Remember a sadder day

I know they say let it be

But it just don't work out that way

And the course of a lifetime runs

Over and over again