Campaign Diary
15 December 2019


People are still talking about the Exit Poll that was released at 10pm on Election night - and the shock on the faces of the politicians lined up by the broadcasters to comment on it. I will never forget John McDonnell's face - the colour drained away!

Everyone had been told by the MSM that it was going to be a very close result - perhaps because they had only asked people in London. All the broadcasters seemed to believe their own rhetoric and propaganda. The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky journalists were all absolutely shocked by the result.

However .... Momentum are still powerful within the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn is still the leader. The Labour Party is still powerful, still nasty and still here.

What are the Conservatives going to do next? We don't know. Are we going to leave the EU, even incrementally, or is it simply not going to happen?


Remember that before the Election, Boris was trying to get Parliament's agreement for Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement (and Political Declaration) with one amendment about the Northern Ireland backstop. The rest of it was intact. That agreement is not Brexit - it is not leaving the EU, as Britain would still be bound to the European Court of Justice but without a voice at the decision-making table, and liable for vast amounts of money if the Euro currency crashes. There are problems with defence, intelligence, fishing .... there is a long list of really serious problems.

Why hasn't the MSM reported and debated these problems? There has been absolute silence across the media except for the Northern Ireland backstop, as if that was the only serious problem with the Withdrawal Agreement. We fear the British people are going to be stitched up and most people will not realise until it is too late.

Is the Conservative Government going to continue with their soft liberal-left-Blair-Cameron policies, or are they going to behave as conservatives? Are we going to see a rolling-back of state power and a return of proper justice and democracy? Any reform of the universities and education system?

One very bad sign is the apparent embrace of the carbon-neutral doctrine.

There is one promising sign. Dominic Cummings, Boris' special adviser, is reported to be tasked with reforming the Civil Service to stop them stopping Brexit.