Campaign Diary 19 Nov 2019

Posted 22/11/19

Message from Nigel Farage:-

We are looking for an army of volunteers to take the fight to Corbyn’s Remainer Labour. There is plenty to do, from canvassing and leafleting to running street stalls and joining days of action. A General Election campaign is hard work – and an experience like nothing else.

If you are willing and able to help, please click the button below. Your Brexit Party needs you!




Posted 20/11/19

The Brexit Party’s campaign got off to a terrific start, while the Conservatives got off to a terrible start.

There are two central issues:-

  1. The Boris Johnson “Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration” – and whether this is a genuine and practical route to leaving the EU, or whether it is in fact a form of Remain.

  2. The biased media campaign.


For the first two weeks the momentum was all going the way of the Brexit Party – and then the media campaign went into overdrive attacking both the party and Nigel Farage.


Then Nigel stood down most of the Brexit Party candidates who were going to contest safe Conservative Party seats. With fewer than 300 candidates being fielded, this is not the way to drain the swamp and have a fresh start.


The Conservative Party has not reciprocated and is standing against the Brexit Party in all areas, thus it intends to split the Leave vote. The campaign momentum is now with the Conservatives and the Brexit Party campaign has fallen into disarray.


Right – so – if you are one who fears the “Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration” and wishes to see the swamp drained, what can you do?


Don’t - bother to email the Brexit Party central office as they are too disorganised to reply properly.


Do – phone them on their freephone number 0800 414 8525 and ask for the email address of your ‘regional controller’ – email him/her and find out how you can get involved in local leafleting and campaigning.


Posted 19/11/19


As members of the Brexit Party, we do receive occasional emails. We have volunteered to drop leaflets but heard nothing. We have emailed and had no reply. We have tweeted and had no reply.

Let us know if you have had any success. Do you know of any local campaign groups?

We live in London. We've seen nothing happen here. Please use the contact form to tell us of your experiences.