Campaign Diary
29 November 2019

Lots of fear over this election. One thing that has been said which IS NOT TRUE - most people have NOT made up their minds  who to vote for. There's nothing for it, if you want to do something useful with your fear - and want to do something useful for your nation - then speak up and talk to people, regardless of personal discomfort.

Example 1: A friend on the phone yesterday. Lives in strong Labour constituency. Thinking of voting Labour because of his sitting MP is a good locally - persuaded him that the wellbeing of the nation wasn't worth having a good constituency MP.  He has influence over several other voters. Persuaded him to use it.

Example 2. Out on the street with my Brexit Party leaflets, I found an astonishingly good reception. I spoke to several disreputable-looking people, and once they got talking they were very sensible, and all votes are equal, and I don't care who I speak to.


Some of these individuals are well aware of the destructive nature of the EU and describe Nigel Farage as the only politician who makes sense – they simply needed to be told about the existence of The Brexit Party and reminded to go and vote.


Another gentleman was thinking of voting Labour – I showed him my leaflet, and he needed help reading it, and then discussed it with me, told me that Nigel Farage is the only politician you can trust. And took an extra leaflet for his mother.

It's not just about who they vote for, but actually thinking it worth their while to vote at all.


Example 3. Various youngish mothers with pushchairs/small dogs. All but one were very ready to read my leaflet and talk about the prices of food and clothing. “It’s about the price of stuff” I said.


Example 4. I spoke to many people of Caribbean origin, all of whom were very ready to take and read a leaflet. "It's for all of us" was all I needed to say.

Contra-example 1. "I'm from Eastern Europe and Brexit is a DISGRACE! Brexit has ruined my life!" (Having just finished a very helpful chat with a Polish man) "Come and talk to me about it" I said, and would have explained that all of our lives have been ruined, but not by Brexit.


Contra-example 2 Various ethnic English males between 30 and 40 who were extremely rude to me ! I would have liked to have mentioned that if they refuse to read or talk to anyone with a different opinion to their own they will never learn anything and die as ignorant as they were born .... but I kept my mouth shut!


Contra-example 3 Elderly couple who looked at me as though I were stupid and ‘nasty’ but were nonetheless polite. At least I don’t look ‘nasty’ so that, since they equally refused to discuss anything, is the only thing possible to disturb any of their prejudice.



There are many Brexit Party events tomorrow (30 Nov 2019). You can log onto their site and go campaign with them, all in Labour areas and so no conflicts as regards tactical voting.

If you live in a Conservative area, and find yourself, as a leaver, persuading people to vote Conservative, then pay off the guilty conscience with a Brexit Party donation.

As for the Lib Dems, don't forget that they are fundamentally anti-democratic, and do a little research if you might encounter Lib Dem supporters. A few facts is all you need to go campaign yourself and do something constructive about our future. and if you have a Brexit Party candidate then ask central office for a box of leaflets and go deliver them yourself, just as I am doing.