Campaign Diary
3 December 2019

Report from the street (strong Labour constituency):-

1. I was asked by a worried local person about the support for Labour. I explained that it's pretty easy to convince traditional-style Labour voters to vote Brexit Party but that it still looks as if Labour will win in this constituency. So I wondered if she might like to help me, as there aren’t many people campaigning around here. Unfortunately her mind is set against the Brexit Party. Oh dear. 

2. I had a long chat with a Jehovah's Witness and we agreed about nearly everything. Sadly JWs don't vote - as this would be to put trust in humans rather than trust in God. I suggested that God might make use of humans to fulfil his purposes - but to no avail. 

She reported to me that on the doorstep she has found an enormous increase in fears and worry about society. We agreed that the media lie and lie and lie about politics. She then mentioned Global Warming fears, so I explained to her that the media lie and lie and lie about that too. She really was surprised, even with a JW's jaundiced outlook on life.

I told her it's nothing to do with CO2 and instead it's because the earth is sometimes closer and sometimes further from the sun - and because the sun's output varies - and the world is not warming up in any case, at present. So, I expect she will now tell that to people on the doorstep, and at least I achieved something useful.

Upon reflection:-

One point that comes to mind on this - I enjoy visits from JWs but used to be in a minority of one in this, because people find them closed-minded and impossible to talk to ..... but but but, by comparison now to a Remainer/member of the ‘Woke’ brigade, JWs are entirely open-minded and rational. I doubt if JWs have changed, which goes to show how many regular and apparently sane members of society are now profoundly brainwashed and incapable of rational discourse - on both the EU/Brexit and on 'Global Warming' both of which are huge areas of public discourse and social life. Depressing that such a huge proportion of their minds are occupied by external mind control. 

More information on Climate Change:

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