Suffering and Beauty

Caro from the USA writes: 


As a musician, I see fully life's beauty. I also know there is a lot of suffering that goes along with beauty. Many hours are spent perfecting our music so that when we perform , it SEEMS effortless, but really, is a result of much practice, self discipline and determination.


Many times, one can hear the suffering beneath the beauty of music, and this will bring you to tears. I am one of those people who worry and am far too sensitive. But, I tell myself that I have to be that way to express the deep feelings that we all share into music, for the listener as well as for myself.


Another example of suffering for beauty is the ballet dancer. These people are really athletes who fly. I went to a ballet rehearsal once and was amazed by their strength as sweat poured off them in order to create the beauty that they do on stage.