Covid, Woke, Climate & Modern Technology
(written Nov 2020)

Our opinion: There is nothing accidental about what is going on. It's nothing to do with ignorance, stupidity, or merely copying the Continentals.

The deliberate collapse of our economy has been planned for years.  It's been documented within the UN, within the IPCC, within the Paris Accord and other similar agreements which have been billed as essential to 'save the planet'.

Few people noticed that their concept of a 'saved planet' was one without humans (very few), but it was all there in black and white and anyone could read it for themselves.

There were many warning voices but 'they' told us that it was mere Conspiracy Theory, tin foil hat territory. Instead of checking out who was lying and who was telling the truth, most of us just dismissed the warnings.

It turns out that the warnings were genuine, and that the term Conspiracy Theory is as meaningless as the term Racist: that is to say, they are mere ploys to shut people up.

Here are two examples:

“But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy … One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy any more.”
—Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-chair of IPCC WG III, New American, Nov. 19, 2010

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

– Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

All that has happened this year - which is why there has been some genuine 'incompetence' and chaotic decision-making - is that the agenda of collapse contained within the 'climate change' campaign needed to be transferred to Covid. The same terms 'follow the science', the same silencing of debate, the same words used to smear honest medics and statisticians, all of this has been lifted straight out of the long-running 'climate' scandal and a few words changed to create a 'corona' scandal.

What can be done, once the economy is collapsed and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere have been reduced to the abject poverty of Venezuela? When the conditions of the 1920s and 1930s 'Great Depression' have been recreated? and the people have been reduced to that most fundamental of fears, fear of survival?

That's when people can be manipulated, turned against one another. They look for a strong leader and simultaneously look for someone to blame.

And just look at who is being blamed? It's you and me. It's everyone who is old, it's everyone who is young, it's all those who question, who won't wear a mask, who do not believe the endless stream of lies about the hospitals being overwhelmed. Who know it to be false.

This is exactly what the world has seen many times before - and few should need a history lesson to realise what is coming next.

What's more, what's still worse, should that be possible, but it is - there is also a deliberate strategy to eliminate Western civilisation. The bad teaching in schools, the loss of objective truth and rational reasoning, the utter ignorance of the Woke movement - none of these things are accidents either. The hollowing out of our Institutions that were supposed to uphold what is right and supposed to act as society-wide checks and balances - this too has been a campaign running for many decades. It comes from Antonio Gramsci who realised that the working classes don't like Marxism and don't want revolutions, and therefore Marxists, instead of seeking control of the means of production, need to seek control of the means of transmission of our culture. All these ideas were developed within the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism: not only ideas but also the practical plans to put them into effect.

The Woke corruption of our universities is absolutely deliberate. And now the closing of our churches, the impossible demands made of clubs and pubs, the closing down of amateur sports, the instruction to ballet dancers and musicians to 'retrain' ....... all of this can be seen for what it is, all culmination of another decades-long plan to deliberately eliminate our culture.

And now the final part of this living nightmare comes into play: modern technology. The total control of each individual is not only a technical possibility but also desired. How do we know it is desired? Because that is what humans do - they want power. A little bit of power (the opposite of helplessness) is good and right, the individual power to make our own decisions and live our own lives in our own homes. A little bit more power, where there are checks and balances, is also a good thing and we call it leadership. But more than that and power becomes malign.

As we all know: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Modern technology gives individuals and organisations the opportunity for power over every detail of our lives and over every individual. We should need nobody to tell us that when something is technically possible, there will be a few who have the desire, who want to do it.

China is the power that wants electrification and total control, but they aren't the only global power and different powers want different things. I doubt China wants our economies to collapse and probably likes some of our culture as well.

The destruction of our culture and desire to reduce the population of our planet come from a different set of organisations/individuals.

The Great Reset:

It gets mentioned a lot, but what is it?

This is a set of plans being promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), often referred to as Davos (which is where they meet). The WEF was founded and is still led by Klaus Schwab. The plans are not new, but are the latest repackaging of old ideas formerly known as The New World Order, and have been developed by the UN, the IPCC and other bodies. It basically does away with nation states, democracy, private ownership of land & homes, and more. 

So distasteful are these plans that even members of the WEF have expressed disquiet.

Even though the plans are being promoted on the WEF website, in advertisements, and on the front cover of Time magazine (October 2020) they are still dismissed as 'Conspiracy Theory'. Perhaps it's not so much the existence of the plans, but the putting into effect that is dismissed; it is difficult to be sure because once the 'Conspiracy Theory' label has been applied, nothing gets discussed.

Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy Fact, or Conspiracy Hypothesis?

Paul Gregory explains:

In a well-functioning society individual professionals take Personal Responsibility for what they do and allow, and do not take refuge in rules and codes, but instead are accountable for how they interpret those rules. (More here )

Morality: In accordance with the US legal principle of Discovery, Truth is not something that can be suppressed in order to further what some supposedly well-intentioned organisation considers the Common Good.

Since, on Climate Change and now on Covid-19, we know definitively that blatant – bare-faced – lies are being disseminated massively while debate is being systematically suppressed, the question arises why should there be this campaign against science and the core values of Western civilisation. It is entirely reasonable to suppose that this is not happening by accident, but by organisations and individuals seeking to impose their will on the world surreptitiously. The extent to which those organisations coordinate their actions is, for the moment, unknown. Hypotheses, not theories, may be aired. The dismissive talk by such organisations, individuals and the mass media of “Conspiracy Theories” is itself evidence either of their scientific ignorance or of their malevolence.


Here are some links to find out more:

The Spectator, Australia

Open letter from Archbishop Vigano, written 25 October 2020

Six-minute explanatory video  link needed

The Managing Director of the WEF MD is Adrian Monck.  He was interviewed on 1 November 2020 and attempted to play down the role of the WEF and portray himself as a “normal” guy.  He effectively said that Covid had exposed the shortcomings of the current capitalist system and that this created a great opportunity to pursue the goals of the Great Reset, with climate change at its heart. 

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The article in The Spectator is not behind a paywall, so here it is:

Dangerous elites planning ‘the Great Reset’

Davos 2021 will launch its own Green New Deal. Be afraid.

Maurice Newman 


10 October 2020 


A lasting side-effect of Covid-19 is the universal growth of state power. Despite global death rates peaking last April and immunity building even without a vaccine, authoritarian leaders are clinging to their recently acquired powers. No doubt they view individual freedom as an optional extra not an inalienable right and want their new powers to become a normal part of governing. The Victorian government is legislating to that effect.


Ironically, it was their gross incompetence, or deliberate intent, which gave them the present commanding heights. First, despite clear evidence of Covid’s virulence, the World Health Organisation kowtowed to Beijing by playing down the risks of infection. Then, when the spread threatened the capacity of global medical resources, health authorities modelled catastrophic scenarios to frighten citizens into submission and to justify enforceable, draconian lockdowns imposed without regard for basic rights or economic cost. Much of the ‘expert’ advice relied upon has since been exposed as politically biased, not scientifically based.


The response to Covid follows closely the approach taken by global warming activists. But as Prince Charles puts it, ‘The threat of climate-change has been more gradual (than the pandemic) — but its devastating reality for many people and their livelihoods around the world, and its ever greater potential to disrupt, surpasses even that of Covid-19’. He argues we have ‘a golden opportunity to seize something good from the crisis’.


The World Economic Forum, a Geneva-based non-profit foundation whose ranks include Prince Charles and other climate change crusaders like Al Gore and Greta Thunberg, together with the secretary general of the United Nations, the president of the European Central Bank, the secretary-general of the OECD, the managing director of the IMF, George Soros, world trade union leaders, chief executives of Big Tech and representatives of NGOs like Greenpeace and WWF, believes climate action must be top of the global agenda as we emerge from Covid-19.


The Forum’s founder and executive chair, Klaus Schwab, also believes ‘The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world’. ‘All aspects of our societies and economies must be revamped, from education, to social contracts and working conditions.’ He labels this the ‘Great Reset’. He points to uneven access to healthcare, education, economic opportunities and social progress as well as to growing inequality among and within nations and racial and ethnic groups. At the centre of these multiple crises lies the tension between privilege and meritocracy. Governments will need to intervene more, (coerce) to ensure ‘better’ and ‘fairer outcomes’ from private investments. ‘In short,’ he says, ‘we need a Great Reset of capitalism.’


Much of the WEF’s agenda can be found in America’s radical Left’s Green New Deal, which addresses climate change and economic inequality. It embraces the spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and the social and economic reforms which he introduced to lift the US out of the Great Depression. However, unlike the New Deal, the Great Reset and the Green New Deal share a  belief that the world is being governed by fundamentally wrong assumptions and that ‘dramatic transformation is possible with a change of mindset’.


Already, Professor Schwab and his colleagues have started mobilising vast networks of left-wing activists. Indeed, the 2021 annual summit will include members of the WEF’s thousands strong Global Shapers Community, youth crusaders located in 400 cities across the planet. As Schwab says, ‘The changes we have already seen in response to Covid-19 prove that a reset of our economic and social foundations is possible. This is our best chance to instigate stakeholder capitalism’. Those who scoffed at claims that climate change was a stalking horse for a new world order, should think again. That reality is now in full view


Come January 2021, Professor Schwab’s Great Reset campaign will begin in earnest. Should his ideological opponent, US President Donald Trump, not be re-elected, a major obstacle to achieving his societal and economic revamp will be gone. Schwab is determined that a return to a post-Covid business-as-usual world ‘will not happen’.


Indeed, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and its various agencies will use the current depressed economic environment, masked as it is by endless government support, together with renewed forecasts of apocalyptic climate change, to push for a ‘more inclusive social contract’, a decarbonised economy and a ‘control without ownership’ business sector, where companies ‘serve all stakeholders not just shareholders’.


Intense pressure will be applied to parliaments everywhere to pass enabling laws and to abdicate more responsibilities to unelected bureaucrats in global institutions. Crony capitalism is anathema to genuine market economies and, giving more leverage to those who encourage it is simply fascistic. No surprise that some of the organisations behind the ‘stakeholder capitalism’ push are accused of corruption, sexual harassment, cover ups and a general abuse of power. Still, the WEF’s oligarchy derives much of its extraordinary influence and wealth from these same institutions and no one should doubt their Big Brother intentions.


Indeed, anyone who fears big government and values free speech, freedom to choose and property rights, should be terrified. Yet, so far, political, business and church leaders, along with the mainstream media, seem oblivious to the threat and turn blind eyes to the dictatorial abuses already perpetrated in the name of the pandemic. There is even bi-partisan support for policies which, two decades ago, would have been considered politically and economically unthinkable.


Stripped of the propaganda, the Great Reset is not new. It’s another fascist experiment being pushed by controlling elitists. Economic growth and social mobility must be subordinate to the collective. Connections will be institutionalised and privilege perpetuated. History demonstrates the children of the elites will receive preferential access to higher education and elite positions. ‘Inclusion’ and ‘fairness’? Forget it. Think inequality, serfdom and misery.

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The Great Reset explained in less than four minutes, 'whatsHerFace' also finds time to explain that covid and climate change amount to one and the same thing.

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Finally - an email was (or might have been) leaked in Canada that sets out the timetable for the implementation of The Great Reset. There is no general consensus as to whether this is genuine, or released by the WEF to promote more fear and acceptance of its plans (ie. nudging) or released as part of a crazed conspiracy theory.


We will only find out its true status over the next few months as events unfold.


Here it is presented by a 'fact checker'site. Please note that no fact checker site is reliable.