Democracy Debates

Minimise fraud

All voting should be on paper, in person, at the polling station.  Full ID is needed to vote. On the way out of the polling booth a finger is dipped into indelible ink to prevent multiple voting.


There are no postal votes any more, but polling stations are supplied with wheelchairs, and transport laid on for housebound people who would otherwise be unable to vote. Any disenfranchisement for sick people is a loss which has to be set against the reduction in potential for voting fraud.

Students may only vote in their home constituency and should not have the option to vote in their university town.

There is no perfect system, but the overriding aim has to be to cut out fraud to protect our democracy.

The ballot boxes are protected by people watching them -  by continual CCTV, and by electronic chips that are tracked by satellite and all is streamed online for people to watch.

Vote counting is performed by people with an impeccable track record and includes supervision from another country which uses a similar style of democracy.

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