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Vote for a party and do away with constituencies

Here’s an idea – vote for the party and do away with constituencies.


MPs are supposed to work for their local electorate, but following the 2017 General Election, most Leaver constituents found that they had a Remainer MP, despite their MP (Conservative or Labour) having stood on a manifesto that pledged to honour the 2016 referendum result to Leave the EU (in every respect)


So if all vote for the party and forget all about local representation, this would be make each vote of equal value, and honestly reflect the existing situation.


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Has anyone ever considered just voting for the party of your choice?

1. On the ballot paper are listed ALL the parties. This means that in London if I wished I could vote for e.g. the SNP or DUP.

2. Each party would then have pro rata their number of MPs in the House of Commons.

This would eliminate boundary problems because none would exist.

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