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The role and purpose of a Central Government

This is an opinion from M McD in mid-2019:-

As election time approaches, politicians offer more and more giveaways to be paid for by taxpayers and future generations.

The national debt is growing rapidly and the cost of servicing it is second to welfare in the national budget.

Meanwhile the core function of government is preserving the security and independence of the country with the military guarding from outside attacks or invasion and the police and justice system from internal strife and criminality.


The second function is providing a framework in which citizens can go about their business of providing for themselves and their families through engagement and trade.

A next phase will be as a provider of last resort for those unable to provide for themselves.

However, as acts of extreme recklessness and outright bribery, successive governments have ignored these core functions and have become general providers and micro-managers of everyone's lives.  The government is now close to incapable of doing its core functions as the military and legal systems are in tatters, Brexit is not delivered and businesses and individuals are drowning in red tape.

A rethink is required with the starting principle that government must never pay for what people can pay for themselves and that free at the point of consumption for services benefiting an individual should only apply as a last resort for those unable to support themselves.

In the unlikely event that any political party wants to serve Britain and its people, the key manifesto pledges should be:-

1.  Phase out the NHS in its current form - change it to a self payment and insurance based health environment with a more productive model for the ownership of health care resources.  Governments are incompetent at delivering healthcare or anything else.


2.  State provides education funding for those incapable of funding their own children's education not for those who want to freeload.


3.  Invest in the military and policing.


4.  Deliver Brexit and facilitate the creation of trading opportunities through agreements with other countries.


5.  Reduce regulation and trust the people.


6.  No one should ever be taxed at a marginal rate in excess of 25% and there should be no tax on assets that have already been taxed in the taxpayer's hands.

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