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Damask Rose writes: So life is indeed sad and truth indeed cruel. But everything is a test of faith .. & can one be magnanimous instead of bitter? Altruistic, & seeing the bigger picture, instead of self-centred?

Rosie replies: Yes, Damask Rose, I believe one can - although it is not easy and takes practice. And although we can be magnanimous, we must still protect our own emotional world and the people closest to us. We need to have our priorities the right way around.  We can make an effort, and put ourselves to inconvenience, but we must not be self-sacrificial (except in extreme circumstances).  These subjects I refer to as "compassion" and I hope we can talk about what compassion is (and is not) more fully before long.


A friend from the USA writes: Thanks Rosie, I like you & your friend’s philosophy.

Reply from Rosie: Thank you my friend. That is good to hear. We need to have a practical philosophy to firmly root our decision-making and guide us through life.


From Tomasina in Scotland: It makes me feel sad, Rosie, because of all the truth that lies beneath your words.  I like the unconfrontational approach you have taken - opinion based on facts that can be verified.  There is enough conflict.   I hope you will be able to include some positive stuff since despite all the ugliness there is still much beauty in the world.  There are still beautiful landscapes to be sought out worldwide -


This is a really beautiful piece of writing that reflects Sarah's reaction to having climbed Kilimanjaro and how her great mental and physical achievement will never leave her because it will help her to overcome any difficulties she faces in her life.  To climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro is not an easy task especially the final haul to the summit during the night but rewarded by seeing a most beautiful sunrise over the Tanzanian countryside.  I'm sure too that the shared experience with fellow trekkers will have resulted in lifelong friendships being made.


The mountain represents our lives and while the summit might be the end goal, many paths can take you there. Some will be rockier and more treacherous than others, but you’ll eventually get there and along the way you’ll discover things about yourself that will make you stronger, smarter and more resilient to help along your path. As always, it’s the journey that matters most, learning at each step along the way. I learned that I’ll only achieve what I believe I can do. Even when I was completely exhausted, sick from altitude, and frozen, I knew I’d make it and willed myself to keep going. If I didn’t believe in myself then I never would have started the journey in the first place and I would have missed out on a grand adventure. It’s these realizations that greatly enrich my life and keep me itching to see and do more.


I really love the pic of Kilimanjaro, a mountain that I really love for some unknown reason.

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