Freedom of speech in Britain is severely compromised. Large parts of the media, in particular the BBC, promote the EU and the liberalist agenda. They do not allow diversity of opinion to be properly aired and debated.

The universities are actively closing down robust debate. They bar speakers. They encourage students to avoid any topic that might make them feel "uncomfortable" and there are many lecturers who are paid by the EU and prevented by their terms of employment from challenging any EU policies. Free-thinking lecturers are frightened to speak out through fear of intimidation.

Political Correctness has all the answers but refuses to ask the questions, and the answer to every problem raised is "you are a racist" or "that's an insult" or "that's offensive".

British prime ministers sign treaties on behalf of the UK without debate in Parliament or in the public arena. These treaties are extraordinarily powerful and have given away our independence and sovereignty.

There are huge changes taking place to the landscape of Britain, and the British people whose lives are being changed have no say.

Another suppressor of freedom of speech are the “hate laws”, a complicated set of laws that, in practice, appear to have the power to make normal human interactions into crimes, and a person’s thoughts and emotions criminal ‘acts’ . The laws make different types of person unequal under the law and invite misuse by the state authorities.