Got nobody to vote for? Can't trust any politician? Come and talk to us.

Here's what we think ....

The Labour Party is dangerous. The Liberal Democrats are funded by the EU, do not believe in democracy and want to hand Britain over to the EU. The Greens are the same as above. 

The Conservatives claim to be a Leave party but we believe that they are deceiving us and that under the "Withdrawal Agreement" Britain will be permanently controlled by the EU. However, they have given their word that they will deliver a proper Brexit and the Brexit Party is standing to make sure they keep to their word.

The Brexit Party is fielding candidates in less than 300 constituencies, which leaves more than half the electorate who want to properly leave the EU in accordance with the Referendum result of 2016 with nobody to vote for except for the least bad, i.e. Conservatives. Our aim for the next 2 weeks is to rally Brexit Party supporters -  you can now register as an activist here >>>

Why those without a Brexit Party candidate should, yet again, vote for the 'least bad' and vote Conservative.

I don't think it is possible to overstate the danger of a Corbyn/McDonnell/McCluskey government.

It is not the individual policies that matter, lunatic though they are. It is the way he would change the structure of our system irreversibly. Votes for 16 year olds, and for non-citizens, would tip the electoral balance and be irreversible. He would increase Trades Union control of industry and public sector, again irreversibly. He would use borrowing to buy votes on an unprecedented scale. He would have access to MI5 and MI6 secrets. With all that vote buying, it would be at least two terms, if not a generation.

Whatever they say, Lib Dems and SNP will put Corbyn into government, and that means passing his Finance Bill.  Allowing in a Lib Dem candidate is not a safe option.

How about, for those who feel forced by these circumstances to vote Conservative against their will, how about some 'off-setting' along the lines of 'carbon off-setting' [not that I believe in that but just to give the idea] either by making an extra donation to the Brexit Party or by doing some campaigning for them - ? There are national campaigning events this weekend, or find an accessible local campaign to join in. (WC)

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