The Language of Debate

Climate Realist or Climate Modeller

The media consensus that the planet is heating up because of human activity is not based upon observable reality, but upon the predictions of theoretical climate change models and the ‘greenhouse gas' theory. These models and the greenhouse theory are fundamentally flawed (we have/will be explaining the nature of these flaws elsewhere on this site).


A large part of the outcome of any debate is currently being determined by the language used. Those of us who look at the weather outside our own homes and say, “hold on a minute, the planet is not heating up” are not ‘climate deniers’ nor ‘climate sceptics’ but are Climate Realists, because we look at the real world, how the solar system’s various physical processes operate in practice, and use real science as established from the time of  Isaac Newton to the present day.


Meanwhile, those who predict the planet’s future from the ‘greenhouse theory’ and associated climate change models can accurately be termed Climate Modellers.


These distinctions are very important. The term ‘climate denier’ serves to close down debate and blocks freedom of speech, while ‘climate sceptic’ is little better.

The mainstream agenda


We are told that there is 'global warming', 'climate change', a 'climate emergency', and other similar terms.  But throughout Earth's existence it has periods of warming and of cooling. Obviously this means the climate changes.

So we need a stable term to use to refer to the mainstream agenda: 'Greenhouse effect' and 'Greenhouse theory'.  This is what the climate modellers talk about: the 'greenhouse effect'. There is no 'greenhouse effect' - the theory is wholly false - and this is the simple message that climate realists need to get across.

Young people

Young people are only allowed to believe in the 'greenhouse effect'. They are only taught 'greenhouse effect' at school and need to conform to avoid being picked on.

In the world of philosophy


The campaign to promote ‘global warming’ has penetrated many areas of life, so many, in fact, that little of the public arena is clear of it.  It is particularly disturbing to find the term ‘climate denier’ in the world of philosophy, as philosophers should be the last people who cease to ask questions.

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