Beauty and the Beastly Truth

Everything good, everything beautiful and everything true comes at a price. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without a struggle. Sometimes the greater the price paid, the greater the beauty gained. At other times the cost is appalling and little seems to be gained. But whatever is gained should be treated with reverence  and respect for those who paid that price, because often the people who gain are not those who suffer. The beastly truth is that life is never perfect and is never easy. Life never has been and never will be free from hardship. Here at Beauty and the Beastly Truth we believe beauty and truth are worth all this suffering - and that it is beauty that makes life worth living.


The beastly truth is that the truth is not necessarily what we want it to be. That truth remains true despite our desires that it might be false. Life is tough and life is unfair and the truth is often very harsh.