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Another £100 million down the drain

In his Mini-Budget on 8 July 2020, Rishi Sunak allocated £100 million of your money and mine to Carbon Capture and Storage. So they plan to take carbon dioxide out of the air and pump it down a mine, and then keep pumping. Sound safe to you? No, me neither. Sounds like an enormous explosion waiting to happen, while the ground collapses into sink holes for miles around, taking roads and houses and railway lines with it.

And all for what? To remove the life-giving gas that every living thing needs. We're a carbon-based life-form .... surely even the most ignorant non-scientist knows that? That's you I'm asking, Rishi Sunak.

Yes, there are two gases of life: oxygen AND carbon dioxide.

Yes but no but ... carbon dioxide cannot heat the planet. Real Scientists have been saying this for years and they've all been silenced. Why? That's the trillion dollar question we all need an answer to.

While we wait to hear, this government is spending yet another £100,000,000 of our money. Write to your MP and demand an investigation.

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