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Let's hear both sides of the argument

Radix is holding an online event on 8 July:

This event features one anti-carbon person having a cosy chat with another. The general idea seems to be that the whole thing is too complex for ordinary people to understand.  

This is what Radix say about themselves:  "We are determined to challenge received wisdom."

So please write to them and suggest that they do just that and announce another event soon and bring in a pair of speakers who do not support the greenhouse gas theory and do not agree that the economy needs to be radically changed away from fossil fuels. They could ask the GWPF (Global Warming Policy Foundation) for speakers or invite Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace.

Here are the tried-and-tested guidelines from Amnesty International on how to write campaigning letters: Quick & To the Point. Write and Send it Now. Don’t Put it Off. Make it Short. Be Polite.

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