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We remain very worried about Boris Johnson's new administration. Like many others, we were hoping to see a return to traditional conservative values of a stable and just society where the state allows us to get on with our private lives in peace. We wanted to see freedom of speech restored and an end to 'trial by social media'. We wanted sensible spending and a reduction in taxation.

Instead, for every small step that the new administration seems to be taking in the right direction, we see major decisions that we fundamentally disagree with. These include: HS2, 5G, and the acceleration of the 'carbon neutral' ('global warming') campaign to electrify our lives and ban the burning of wood, coal, gas and oil. All of these projects are colossally expensive and wholly destroy the economic benefits of leaving the EU - as well as destroying all hopes of returning to a sane, decent, democratic and rational society.

At least some of the dangers of 5G are on the political radar, but the group-think on the topic of going 'carbon neutral' is almost universal - practically everyone who has voice in public life either directly supports the agenda, or is silent on the subject.

Over the last couple of months we have been looking into the so-called 'global warming' and the greenhouse gas theories and been shocked to find that it is wholly false and wrong from top to bottom. Some campaigners have now spent a full three decades trying to overcome the ideas: time that they could have devoted to truly creative activities. It has been an extraordinary waste of our cultural efforts and heritage.

There needs now to be a mass turnaround in public opinion and that can only happen by grasping what remains of our freedom of speech and talking about the issue to one another.

Please join us. Please talk first to your friends and family who you know to agree on this, and then find ways to talk to people whose views you do not know (you might be surprised at the number of people too frightened of criticism and ostracism to speak out), and then find ways to talk to people who have accepted the 'greenhouse' and 'climate emergency' concepts. There is no point in trying to 'convert' people, but every point in setting up a on-going dialogue and attempting to introduce doubt into a subject that has developed into a belief system.

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