Traditional values

Religions and ideologies

Ideologies and religions necessarily embed within them a set of values. Different ideologies/religions have different values and different distinctions between what is right and what is wrong.

What’s more, the set of values within any one ideology/religion may contradict one another.


In today’s world, opinions on any subject are being driven into extreme positions.  The extent of dispute and anger and of broken relationships over opinions is creating a frightening world. For a society to function there needs to be a degree of mutual understanding and mutual trust. We need stability and  we need to be able to rely on people to behave in certain predictable ways. Otherwise we get breakdown and chaos.


What’s to be done?


I think that we need a new value-system that does not involve a God as a figurehead. This is no mean feat because a god-like person lasts longer than any human life and necessarily embodies stability and personal relationship and a sense of belonging. These are things that people need, regardless of the existence of one God, or many gods, or none.


Such a value-system needs to be ‘god-compatible’ so that people who do have a religious faith can accept it; it also needs to be god-free, to be acceptable to everyone else and to cut out the disputes between one religion and another.


I’ve started work on building such a value-system (because we need one and I can’t see anyone else who is building one). I’ll gradually talk about what I’ve done so far and hope that visitors to this site will comment and will join me in the endeavour.

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