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Supportive messages


From Oupa:-

Hello B&tBT,

As a born and bred Brit, but not resident in the U.K., I agree 100 percent with you and other pro-Brexit commenters regarding leaving the EU. I’ve lived abroad for about 65 years, in Rhodesia and now America, but still carry a British passport. I’m sorry that I can’t really get involved in what you are trying to achieve, but just wanted to let you know that I, and no doubt thousands like me, wish you all the very best in your endeavours.


From Bill Hook:-

I'm a traditional Tory voter but hope I never vote for them again and as we have a Tory MP here, I have no one to vote for and intend to spoil my ballot paper as a protest vote. The degree and intent of manipulation by the press is shocking and frightening.

Reply from B&tBT:-

Indeed, frightening is the word, truly scary. One feels that our comments at the DT are tolerated as a pretence of freedom merely because we are powerless. 

There are lots of people who are refusing to vote Conservative after the deceit of the 2017 general election when they pledged to implement the Leave Vote of 2016. It is better to spoil your ballot paper than to not vote, because spoilt papers are counted.


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