They use "deliver" to avoid taking any responsibility - to pass blame from their actions onto you.


Example 1:

Teachers no longer teach - they “deliver the curriculum” - and so they take no responsibility for whether the children learn anything or not. The school/teacher has done its/their part and delivered the curriculum. If the children are as ignorant afterwards as before - well, obviously that is nothing to do with the school or teacher .... and logically therefore it must be the fault of the parents.

By the way - little children in school are now called “students” and not “pupils”, which, again, puts all of the responsibility for learning and doing what needs to be done onto the child.


Example 2:

Theresa May claims that her Withdrawal Agreement “delivers Brexit”. If she can get that claim to stick then all of the problems created by her Withdrawal Agreement are nothing to do with her! - she “delivered Brexit” and therefore the problems are not because of her [insert-your-own-expletive-here] Agreement - and the manner in which she has drawn it up and is (attempting to) force it upon the nation - none of these problems are of her making. She delivered Brexit and the problems are all the fault of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave - of course! Sounds mad but that is what every Remainer now claims. (Your reply is that the problems are caused by the people who are trying to overturn the outcome of the referendum.)


Don’t fall into the verbal trap. Insist that we Leave the EU (being the original wording of the 2016 Referendum) and don’t ask anyone to ‘deliver Brexit’ - nor to deliver anything else except your pizza and parcels.